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    Of course there are the classical spots than everyone knows once living/ travelling in Australia: The beautiful Whitsundays islands, the wild Fraser Island, Cairns and its tropical surroundings.

    But my aim is to make you discover new places less known and however definitely worth a visit. Destinations that surprised and amazed me, let’s go for my Best Tour of Queensland. 

    Live like a cowgirl in the outback_Elisa Detrez

    1. Live like a cowboy in the outback

    Many people think that the Outback is the Northern Territory, actually Outback means just rural inland area, isolated places and believe me Queensland has got a bit of that. Near Rockhampton I found the perfect place to live the Aussie Outback lifestyle: Myella Farm Stay!

    Lost in the gum trees and where the earth is red, Lynn and her parents run a genuine cattle farm.  For a day or more, share their daily life: bottle feeding little kangaroos, talk to Pink Floyd the funny cockatoo, go for a ride with one of the 21 horses or the motorbikes, without forgetting milking the cows in the afternoon. At Myella, it is all about simple and true things, no fuss and bother and this is exactly what I like. Forget your concerns, put away your fancy clothes and put on a jean, shirt and boots to live at best the Outback way of life!

    2. Swim with green sea turtles in the southern Great Barrier Reef

    Heron Island is one of the pearls of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, a very tiny coral cay: only 800 meters long for 300 meters large but so much to discover underwater. Located on a fringing platform reef of significant biodiversity, supporting around 900 of the 1500 fish species and 72% of the coral species found on the Great Barrier Reef. With more than 20 dive spots, this is a paradise for marine life lovers. Here you can swim with reef sharks, giant green sea turtles, massive eagle ray, school of bait fish and all the fish you have ever dreamt about.

    Cape Hillsborough near the Whitsundays_Elisa Detrez

    3. Wake up with kangaroos on the beach and watch the platypus in the evening

    Very close from the Whitsundays stands Cape Hillsborough, a beautiful beach where the roos jump around every morning! Drive for about 1 hour and explore the pristine rainforest of Eungella National Park, go then to Broken River and spot platypus swimming in the creek.  

    Read more about it here.

    4. Be marvelled by the beauty of 'Straddie Island' Feeding a joey at Myella_Elisa Detrez

    Visiting Brisbane? Fed up with the city? Head straight to North Stradbroke Island: a spectacular island with all the ingredients of a great holiday place: ideal beaches, great environment, nice walks, good places to eat and a lot of wildlife: whales in winter, wallabies, dolphins and so much more.  Just open your eyes and enjoy.

    Read more about it here.

    5. Cuddle a koala at Magnetic Island

    I still haven’t mentioned a place where it’s possible to get up close with my favourite Aussie animal -the koala of course! Take the ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island and experience a boutique wildlife sanctuary at Bungalow Bay Koala Village YHA. Great accommodation, awesome tour with the rangers and friendly hostel.  Ride horses on the beach and go even for a swim with the horse. 

    Take the time to explore the island and even find koalas in the wild.

    Read more about it here.

    To read more about Elisa's adventures in Queensland, or to get more great tips make sure to head to her blog. Read more here.

    Myella Wally. Credit - Elisa

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