Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

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    Before you begin your trip to Australia, check the visa requirements. All travellers to Australia need a valid passport and everyone (except travellers with Australian or New Zealand passports) requires an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or visa to enter Australia. You must hold an ETA or visa before travelling to Australia.

    ETAs & eVisitor Visas

    ETAs and eVisitor Visas are the same as a visa, but there is no stamp or label in your passport and you don't have to visit an Australian Visa Office to submit an application. ETAs and eVisas are issued for short-stay tourists and business travellers to Australia from certain countries. All other travellers, including working holidaymakers, students and long-stay tourists must carry a visa.

    To make it easy for you, you can apply for ETAs and several e-visa categories online.

    Who can access an ETA?

    • Travellers from Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.
    • Short-stay tourists or business travellers, maximum three months stay, and multiple entry within 12 months.

    Who can access an eVisa?

    • Travellers from most European countries can apply.
    • Short-stay tourists or business travellers, maximum three month stay, and multiple entry within 12 months.

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  • Who needs to get a visa?

    • European Union passport holders intending to visit Australia must apply for an e-Visa
    • Stays longer than three (3) months
    • Multiple visits by business travellers, longer than three (3) months
    • Those intending to stay permanently in Australia
    • Those seeking to work in Australia
    • Students
    • Citizen of non-ETA eligible nations

    You may be eligible to apply for an e-visa via the Internet or alternatively, you may need to apply for a visa through an Australian Visa Office, or by contacting your travel agent or any specialist service provider.

    More Information

    Visa Offices Worldwide

    These offices provide visa and immigration-related services including:

    • The issue of visas for travel and entry to Australia,
    • Information about the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and
    • Australian Citizenship services.

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