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Customer reviews of Mission Beach YHA

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Reviews (47 guests have reviewed this hostel)
It was a nice walking distance from the beach and the staff were very helpful. The setup of the hostel is principally good, just general cleanliness was not up to yha standards. The guests that were staying were generally young and in party mode (though I admit it was a Friday) so if you’re into that, you would like the atmosphere.
Krisna B 13/01/2018
It's my favourite hostel so far! The location is perfect and the atmosphere in the hostel really nice!
Theresa G 13/01/2018
Except for the fact that several other travelers in the room were on their phones watching movies to all hours, and one whom had an ailment which was passed onto myself. I have always found it excellent.
Matthew S 13/01/2018
Maybe the room/bathroom (ensuite) could be a little cleaner
Shirlee M 01/01/2018
Loved this hostel! Best hostel I’ve been to since arriving in Australia. It has everything you need and more, the staff are exceptional and made our stay that more enjoyable. Wether traveling solo, with friends or family this hostel caters for all. I couldn’t recommend this place enough, stunning location, beautiful rooms, gorgeous pool and the beach right out front! What more could you want 😍 also I would like to say a massive thank you to Andrew for helping me organise the booking, I had initially booked through agoda and they were awful, they gave the hostel the wrong information regarding rooms and how many people were staying and when I called them to resolve this issue they told me they had cancelled 3 out of the 5 rooms I had booked (still charging me for one of the cancelled rooms and over charging me on another room) they lied and said it wasn’t possible for me to book the rooms again - this is 2 days before we were to arrive at Scotty’s! I called the hostel directly and with the help of Andrew got everything organized in time for our Christmas holidays. He’s an absolute gent and I really can’t thank him enough for everything he did for us. We had the best Christmas at Scotty’s all thanks to Andrew. I can’t wait to come back here! Happy New Year to everyone at Scotty’s YHA Il see yous in 2018 😉
Michelle M 31/12/2017
This hostel has made my opinion of YHA good again. One of the best YHAs we have stayed in... in fact the best!
Tiffany F 29/12/2017
I only stayed one evening, so didn’t see much of mission (beach) most people stay cause of the skydive... I might as well skipped this one and went to cairns immediately Very nice staff tho and good kitchen en lounge
Gaby 28/12/2017
The kitchen and common areas were nice and clean the room we stayed in was in awful state Been in many YHA in the world and other backpackers but this one was on of the most ragget & unclean I've seen for a while. No hot water in the shower, the room was full.of hair and dirt from previous visitors (behind the door and in the shower) and the room was far from the photos published. Having the pool was nice as well as been close to the beach. Atmosphere wise, been in better places where at least other soical people will say hello (but that can change based on the people during your stay...) If you're looking for nice intimate place,avoid this YHA
Keren H 15/12/2017
When we arrived at Mission beach YHA, staff were very friendly and recommended 'millers' the food place just over the road who do a deal on pizzas everynight (very yummy too). The communal Lounge area of the hostel was nice and cosy. You couldn't ask more from the staff they helped us book two exclusions and were very friendly.
Sam E 11/12/2017
The kitchen is way undersized and was super dirty. I found itvdurprising that do many farm workers lived there.
Regina M 08/12/2017

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