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Reviews (324 guests have reviewed this hostel)
This is a unique cool place. We stayed there before in 2003 and our son has also stayed there. One of a kind!
Ron G 10/03/2018
This is a really unique hostel that I will definitely visit again. Accommodation is staying in little bungalow cabins that are spread out on the property. The double room with bathroom was more like a hotel with its own fridge, microwave and tea / coffee provided, so that you could be self sufficient. Surrounded by lush gardens, the hostel even has a pool. It’s easier if you have you’re own car to get around. But a brilliant place to stay!
Fiona L 06/03/2018
I was there during 24 hours of downpour! Staff friendly and helpful despite being on their own due to an emergency. Facilities were clean. Handy for bus stops. I hadn't realised milk was for sale at reception so perhaps a notice in kitchen would help Are the bus times the new ones from January 2018? Would recommend this place to ecolovers
Julie R 27/02/2018
My stay was not the best... I stayed only one night but it was enough. I liked the little bungalows in the bush but they come with the mosquitoes unfortunately... And I'm allergic to them... The facilities are great but the WiFi is ridiculous. The place is not very close to Nelson Bay but there is a bus just at the front which is very useful even if it is not regular.
Gladys B 10/06/2017
Such a beautiful peaceful place. Room was equipped with everything you need. The quality of the towels were great and bungalows have good size bathroom and all very clean. The staff on arrival and departure were really friendly and helpful. Definitely coming back .
Catherine A 05/06/2017
Staff is very friendly and helpful. The hostel is a bit far away from everything for travelers on public transport, bus service (especially on Sundays) very infrequent. Highlights were the visits of the friendly opossum and the tawny frogmouth.
Gunter T 14/05/2017
Needed some days out of the city and booked the hostel pretty spontaneously. I was overwhelmed, the bungalows in the little jungle are the perfect spot to rest. I loved the open kitchen and overall the whole location. Sandy and Mark are lovely people, and I'll definitely be back!
Marie G 01/05/2017
It is my favorite hostel. It is located in a quiet area close to Tomaree National Park which makes it special. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel at home. I definitely will come back.
Mauricio H 26/04/2017
What a wonderful place!!! You feel like in the middle of the jungle with lots of birds in the trees and possums visiting each night. Sandy and Mark really make you feel at home being extremely nice and helpful. We even got chocolate bilbies for Easter!!!! I met really special people there and some evenings a kind of magical atmosphere could develop with everybody in the outdoor kitchen talking with each other. I extended my stay and I wish I could have stayed forever. The wonderful pool would be a perfect office to work at...
Melanie M 20/04/2017
Room opposite to the outdoor kitchen. Quit loud until late in the night.
Nadine 25/02/2017

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