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    Very nice hostel in an amazing atmosphere, old Waggons.. Good wifi! Nice kitchen. Friendly Staff.
    Silke H May 2016
    First time in a youth hostel and it was very convenient and comfortable. People kept more to themselves than I expected. The one real negative was when another guest helped herself to my (labelled) food. I caught her and confronted her and she tried justifying it and didn't even apologise. That was a bit of a dampner as I thought guests in the same boat would be respectful.
    Tania G May 2016
    Had a lot of stuff taken from my room. Reported it to staff they didn't seem to care or try do anything about it.
    David T May 2016
    The YHA Railway Square is a nice and clean Hostel in the very central of Sydney. The location is perfect and the central station is literally two minutes away. Unfortunately most of the receptionists are unfriendly and rude, the only names that come to my mind right now who are not this way are Tom and Johnny who have always been polite and helpful. At the end of the day it is a very nice place to stay at with a pretty chill atmosphere, 245$ per week is pretty expensive for a backpacker facility though. 8/10 would visit again
    Till B May 2016
    Great place, great people... can seem a little cliquey but if you just sit down with people or say hi they are very welcoming. Its also easy to not be sociable if you want to. Great layout, great space
    Jade R May 2016
    If you are in the train cars you will hear the train announcer every 15 minutes. Stay in the actual hostel.
    Dan K May 2016
    Great stay, met amazing people there
    Tommy S May 2016
    it´s a nice hostel if you don´t want to party. there are a lot of people who just arrived in australia and are just sitting on their own so it´s hard to make new contacts there. But in general the hostel is one of the cleanest i´ve ever seen with a nice kitchen
    Robin May 2016
    Very noisy. Sfaff not overly friendly. Beds hard
    Sean B May 2016
    Needs more fridge and cupboard space in the kitchen I found it hard to find room for my food, and I had very little. Room was very hot, only one small window that when opened had cigarette smoke coming in it. Had some of my food stolen, and got told that it was my fault and nothing could be done about it even though it was labelled properly.
    Emma May 2016
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