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Once you have stayed with us you will be invited by email to provide your own rating of the hostel. The rating will be published, whether you give us good or bad marks.

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Reviews (4134 guests have reviewed this hostel)
I stayed in this hostel for 5 nights in total having not travelled alone before. This hostel was clean and had good facilities. The staff were friendly and helpful and I felt safe. Very sociable vibe but also quiet at night. I would stay here again.
Sarah J 22/10/2017
Fab staff, very friendly after a very testing day - thank you! Clean and modern bathrooms, were also a big plus! Air con worked and bed very comfy. Cairns... Good to get out to the reef, but is a party town. Stay in Port Douglas if you're past hostels.
Emily S 19/10/2017
Besides the cleanliness we did not have a pleasant stay at yha! We booked this hostel because of free WiFi and free Airport Transfer. Neither of these were available for free!! In the end we paid TWENTY Dollars for Airport Transfer and had zero WiFi outside the reception. After we complained about the Airport Transfer you deleted it on hostelworld - too late for us!!! None of your workers (Besides the brown-haired man yesterday at reception) were friendly or willing to help us!! Thanks for nothing! We will give bad reviews on hostelworld and tell all our friends about your missleading information! We booked yha in byron bay, cairns and Brisbane because we had hoped a company as big as yha would be trustworthy and reliable - it is not!! Yha Byron Bay is a catastrophy! Brisbane is okay, but also has no "free WiFi" except bad working WiFi in reception. It is at least missleading if not fraud, to claim to offer "free WiFi", If it is only at reception! Then you have to write "partly free WiFi", "free WiFi in some areas" etc. Same with "free Airport Transfer" - 20 Dollar is NOT free!!!Thanks for nothing!!!
Kim R 17/10/2017
It only takes one staff member to spoil stay don,t know person name worked everyday during day wore a beard solid built stand over guy whe should be not seen by guests that why on surevy you receive lower rating
John P 16/10/2017
The staff were so incredibly helpful and kind. They helped me make the most out of my stay and were always checking in to see how the adventures went. The facilities were also very well kept and had everything you could need! Being across from the mall is great for any quick things you need as well!
Michelle C 15/10/2017
The staff was lovely and I really liked that everything was thought through. It is always an amazing experience when a hostel supplies all of the amenities you might need (under water camera / tour info / sunscreen)! Also I forgot something at the hostel and the bus driver and the person working at reception were able to work together to find it and bring it to me at the airport! Xoxox forever grateful
Elena S 13/10/2017
great location, clean room, great facilities. It was a nice quiet place to stay
Jordi D 12/10/2017
Lovely staff who dealt with your issues in a friendly and professional manner.
Nevan B 10/10/2017
Great hostel for couples, FREE pancakes were a welcomed bonus. We stayed in 6 bed dorm and it still was quiet and pleasant, everything very clean and facilities like the TV Room, Pool and nightly social activities were awesome. Will definitely recommend to friends and will stay again.
Stacy F 09/10/2017
I like the ambiance and the free pancake the morning that's pretty good. Thank you for the nice host in Cairns. See you soon 😉
Benedicte N 08/10/2017

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