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Hostel itself is nice and in a really good location. Stayed in the rainforest room which was lovely but could do with more than one shower between 16 people. However, staff were unhelpful on arrival - we arrived at 5:30pm and were advised ‘here are your sheets you’ll have to make your bed yourself because I haven’t had the chance’. Staff we’re generally unfriendly throughout and really let the hostel down as other than this it’s a really nice place.
Debbie S 15/01/2020
Location is great. Clean and safe. Water was hot in shower.
Margaret K 13/01/2020
Fantastic experience, never tried being a backpacker before and I’m 51. 😄 4 trawelling together and couldn’t sleep In the same room, it was ok. I liked the history of the hostel....
Jette O 12/01/2020
Hostel was great! Last time I came to Noosa I stayed at Nomads but this YHA was far better and I would definitely stay again! Good social vibe, good bar and restaurant, good kitchen space and a great location. Only complaint is that air-con in the rooms is needed for peak summer time as the rooms are far too hot. We had a ceiling fan but it was unbearably hot at night.
Rebecca L 11/01/2020
My experience at this hostel was terrible, to say the least. I found the room sufficiently clean but not so much in the shared bathrooms. Mattress was very uncomfortable and I was sore the next day. The coldest welcome and check-out procedure so far in Australia. Very noisy, but expected that being a restaurant right below the rooms. I would not recommend it to others and would not return, even if the location is excellent.
Marina F 09/01/2020
Love the vibe. Friendly staff. We are definitely returning!
David A 05/01/2020
I think that if you joined both backpackers up in Noosa it would make a perfect backpackers. Backpackers world wide are meant to be entertaining and fun. Bars games and getting people to meet one another are the most common things in all backpackers. Nomads had a lot of the entertainment and things happening and you had better rooms good places to relax. Put all that in one and you have a perfect backpackers!
Benjamin L 05/01/2020
Very well located - near to the beach and main street in Noosa. The facilities were very good, especially the kitchen, and stuff very friendly. Highly recommend.
Glaucia A 02/01/2020
This hostel had absolutely no atmosphere - which you think there would be a lot of over new year! They did nothing to celebrate, not even organising a group to go down to the beach. There’s about 4 communal areas so everyone is spread among them and not in one place, making it hard to meet other people. The only plus was the clean rooms and how close it is to the beach
Elizabeth C 01/01/2020
It was a bit disappointing. For the amount they charged I expected more. Wifi only available around reception. Small kitchen. No air con. Limited number of showers/toilets for amount of people. Had to make our own bed which was a first for me usually it’s just striping it on checkout. And no shuttle. But was in a great location to beach and parks. The bus stop is at the end of the road and you get a discount at the attached bar/restaurant. Overall I don’t think I’d stay again or recommend.
Mackensea L 30/12/2019

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