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Customer reviews of Airlie Beach YHA, Whitsundays

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Never stayed at a worse hostel in Australia! The managers at this hostel are absolutely not suited to do their job. Reception is closed for the biggest part of the day and when they're open, they're rude and don't treat you with respect (except for 1 girl who I assume is a backpacker, she was nice). There was a miscommunication in our check out dates and the managers took all of our stuff (you are NEVER supposed to touch the stuff of a guest!!) and then just closed reception and went on one of their everlasting breaks. As a manager you are supposed to be there for your guests, at any time. It was the middle of the day and he told us to hurry up 'cause he was having lunch. Excuse me? You take all of our stuff into a closed reception and then dissappear and expect us to be real quick when you finally show up to be very rude and impatient with paying guests? This is not how you treat people, even when you're obviously simple minded and lazy. The atmosphere was boring and tense in my opinion, people weren't treated nicely and since the reception was closed almost permanently, you could never ask anyone anything if you needed help or something. I paid 5 dollars for 'premium wifi'. Did NOT work at all, no wifi at all. This was at 7:30 pm, repection closes at 8pm but when I went to ask about it, reception was of course closed already so no help for me and a waste of money! Worst hostel in Australia, by far.
Hanne D 14/10/2017
I had a very comfortable stay. Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Terrie S 11/10/2017
Clean comfortable accommodation with friendly and helpful staff. Great location. Would definitely recommend
Terri S 08/10/2017
Great hostel! Close to everything and with a very helpful staff. :-) Liked our stay a lot!
Niklas H 02/10/2017
The bathroom dirty and people in the hostel too rude
Alma M 01/10/2017
Hostel with very friendly staff and lovely room mates. Felt like one big family!
Nadine F 01/10/2017
Dirty first of all. Thay also say they have free parking & wifi. Wifi was not available or not to get onto. Parking were only 3 spaces that were always occupied by the same cars...
Jeroen S 30/09/2017
Overall the hostel is fine, but given the cost of the room for such a tiny double is not worth the cost. The bathroom facilities also aren't the best as the toilet seemed to always be blocked which isn't ideal for shared bathrooms.
Charlotte V 29/09/2017
This hostel did not live up to the standards I have come to expect from YHA. I was very disappointed with it - the staff had strange hours, and did not go out of their way to help. Only one person working was actually friendly. The common area was too warm to sit in, and the outside was a parking lot.
Emily Rachel V 29/09/2017
Great hostel,my booking had been doubled booked, given a upgrade,to ensure we had a room, very handy for the bus terminal,
Joanna N 28/09/2017

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