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    Location is the best thng about this hostel - in the bush! I was frustrated that there was no oven. The desciption clearly said 'oven' and we planned to bake a special dish.😔 but were thwarted!!
    Helen P September 2016
    YHA Mt Lofty is a fabulous spot. The cottage is comfortable and well equipped to cater for a large group. Fantastic views. It would be a great getaway for families. So close to Adelaide. Really so cheap to stay in such a unique spot. Keep it a secret so that nothing changes !!
    Janet F August 2016
    A great spot to relax and be surrounded by nature. Come ready to hike - it's hard not to be inspired when you see everyone hiking near to the cottage. The kids loved adding to the cubby that had been built in the trees out front. And loved having their own bunk bed room. Heaters worked really well - heated the house up nicely, and quick. Would love to come back!
    Heidi L April 2016
    The location is so beautiful, with trees as far as you can see, kangaroos, kookaburras, and views of the city lights. And a bonus at this time of year is that the cottage remains cool even during a heatwave in the city.
    Kate L March 2016
    We just love Mt Lofty YHA. The "wilderness" location with its views over Adelaide is priceless and the old cottage offers everything you need for a very enjoyable stay with friends and/or family. The kitchen is spacious and relatively well equipped, so you can cook up a storm. There are many walking trails in Cleland Conservation Park to choose from, with the famous Waterfall Gully - Mt Lofty trail just running along the border of the YHA property. But you might just as well relax outside, enjoy the views and watch other people exercise.
    Sibylle G March 2016
    I utilised this property to celebrate with my sisters prior to my upcoming nuptials and it could not have been better!! Love the surrounding nature, the ability to house 8 girlfriends for less than $200 and have tables large enough to share a meal around. Love love loved it!! Thanks so much. PS Gate 25 is what you are looking for to enter in off :)
    Nat M November 2015
    Very hot in Adelaide - cool at the cottage - inside & out. Beautiful spring wild flowers around the cottage. Dining table with plenty of space for 10 to eat & for children's games. Roos visited in the morning. Exquisite sunsets sitting on the front porch. The children are very proud to have rescued a minute baby possum from being attacked by 2 ravens.
    Meg B October 2015
    Holiday away from the city! Wonderful!
    Krystle M September 2015
    We rented the Mt Lofty cottage for a weekend away with friends - two families, four adults, three kids aged 1, 3 and 3. It's a lovely spot and a well set up cottage; sunset through the trees viewed from the terrace with a glass of wine in hand was pretty great. It's peaceful (except for the boy racers hooning along Mt Lofty summit road not far up the hill at midnight) and a good spot for the kids to poke around safely in the bush, or to head off from for gentle bushwalks. However, there are a few things that could be improved. The heritage cottage's windows are limited and small, so the interior is pretty dark and cold, especially the lounge which was gloomy. A brighter bulb in the ceiling light would be welcome, and either a decent standard lamp (a tall one) in the corner or at the very least an extension cord so one of the two smaller lamps that are already there can be put in a second corner. Also, a floor rug would make this room more welcoming and cosy. There are wall panel heaters in every room, but we found these just weren't good enough. We were cold, even with the heaters on all the time. Gosh a little wood-fired stove in the lounge would be lovely, or at least a heater that blows warm air! Also, it would be great to have had more detailed and accurate information on what is provided, what isn't, and how to access the cottage before our stay. There *are* pillows, doonas and blankets there, so contrary to what we were told you only need to bring sheets and towels (though the doonas are thin, so extra blankets would be a good idea in winter). And we got lost trying to find the car access to the cottage as we go no info on that in advance. All in all though, a very nice new fit-out of a lovely old cottage in a gorgeous spot. Thanks for having us.
    Anna C August 2015
    Six of us hired the hostel for a ( mature)friends weekend away (read into this wine and great food), and it couldn't have been more perfect. The hostel has been renovated to a modern look and feel internally, and it was fantastic. Whilst others had commented on the lack of warmth, we found the wall heaters were well and truly adequate and didn't need our blow heaters that we brought along. It would be great if there was a TV antenna so the great TV could pick up normal free to air stations as an option to the DVD . media connection. Whilst there was a steady stream of walkers climbing to the summit, they didn't intrude on our tranquillity. A wonder spot for just relaxing or alternatively hitting some of the walking trails. Especially delightful was the early morning visit by 2 kangaroos, including one with a joey in the pouch, onto our porch. Such a wonderful weekend that all of said we wanted to come back again.
    David H August 2015
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