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    Reviews (245 guests have reviewed this hostel)
    I loved the ocean views from the rooftop sundeck.
    Kath C May 2016
    Very clean.
    Donna D May 2016
    Too loud at night, because of closing doors
    Leah H April 2016
    Clean & really nice. Good value for money.
    Gihan J March 2016
    Nice and friendly night managers. Clean and tidy environment
    yuan Z March 2016
    Great hostel! They think environment a lot. The only thing I want to suggest is smoke free in the balcony of the kitchen. The wind brings the smoke of tobacco into Room 10 and toilets and it was hard to come off. We had to close the window as the cigarette ashes smell all the time. Indeed party people in my room put strong perfumes and drink alcohol also didn't let me leave the door open so had to go away my room at bed time. If it is smoke free, would be a perfect hostel!
    Mami M March 2016
    As above answers
    Tim H March 2016
    Excellent stay ! :)
    Kelly A March 2016
    Fantastic value, impressive facilities.. could not fault a single thing.
    darryl. H March 2016
    Really nice place to stay. It was my first hostel experience and was very satisfying. Highly recommend.
    Phillip C March 2016
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    245 customers have rated this hostel
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