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Good people staying there
Bernard H 23/04/2019
Location was good, staff great
Agostino G 11/12/2017
The gardens where lovely with many different plans and little garden ornaments. The accommodation itself was not clean. The kitchen had a lot of flies and it looked very unclean. Microwave was dirty when I arrived and wasn't cleaned once while I was there. The hostel mainly seems to be for long term stays with backpackers doing their farmworker near by which I think is a good thing however I was in a room with 5 people who had been there very long and this was evident with their belongings being everywhere. Mess everywhere in the room. Although the people were nice. There were a number of trolleys around the hostel, some empty some this various bits of rubbish in them. I didn't see anyone on reception while I was there and had to call someone each time, although I think this was due to a seasonal thing and there seemed to always be someone close by. The toilets had soap dispensers but no soap in them. There was also no tea towels in the kitchen. Overall I didn't feel comfortable here due to the cleanliness and I also felt like I was staying in someone's home, which I guess for the long term guest would be right. On the positive side, no-one was rude to be and is I asked for help with something or asked about something people were always happy to help.
Amanda T 19/06/2017
Staff was very friendly giving me information about Kununnurra and picking me up from Greyhound bus station. Hostel location was excellent too, and there were two security lockers for stuff. However, the cleanliness and facilities (kitchen, tables outside showers, toilets) were unfortunately very poor which is a pity. It felt more like a camp site/camping resort than a hostel. Didn't want to eat outside since the tables were dirty and disgusting in the mornings after people partying (beer cans, tobacco etc.) The bucket where I had my cuttlery was dirty. Wifi didn't work at all and people were loud at night so I couldn't sleep properly (that's not hostel's fault though but still). Didn't want to hang out in the hostel more than I had to.
Matleena K 10/04/2017
Loved the location and the generaly relaxed atmosphere. Almost exclusivly longtimers there. As a tourist I felt at times like an intruder.
Antje N 08/08/2016
As our booking was upgraded this is a rating of the Kimberley Croc Lodge/Motel.
Monika K 06/05/2016
We have stayed here a few times and always enjoy our stay. Very central, clean and relaxing grounds. The pool and surrounding area is a great place to meet people. Private double room was a bit pricey but cheaper than any hotel in town. There were several local people trying to get into cars at night (not doing any damage tho) so make sure you lock up.
Emily S 29/09/2014
Perhaps guests need to leave shower and toilet floors a little cleaner.
Lea O 25/08/2014
Good location, in the centre of town and easy access to everywhere. Town does not have many restaurant, so better to get food at Coles and cook at YHA's kitchen!
Yurie B 10/08/2014
Very well run and staff accomodating and helpful
lyn k 24/07/2014

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