The Big Blog Exchange 2014

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The Big Blog Exchange 2014

 Big Blog Exchange Competition open now for entries  

Will you be one of 16 bloggers swapping lives and blogs? 

The Big Blog Exchange (BBE) is a project being carried out by Hostelling International, whereby 16 passionate, talented and adventurous bloggers will have the chance to travel and exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures simultaneously for ten days.  

This opportunity is available to all bloggers from all locations, whether your blog is about travel, fashion, food, politics or even cupcakes. Both brand new and established bloggers alike can apply for the BBE. If your blog is good enough to catch our eye, you might find yourself swapping places with a food blogger from Italy, a music blogger from San Francisco or a travel blogger from Peru, and then spending ten days immersed in their life - from writing in their blog to talking to the same people as them.

If you want to take your blogging to the next level and promote cultural exchange and understanding then sign up today to be a part of the Big Blog Exchange.

Check out the inspiring trailer below!

Good luck!