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  • Top Overseas Discounts

    Going overseas? From London to Lisbon, Paris to Prague, Boston to Brussels - wherever you are heading, a YHA card will help you save with more than 3,000 worldwide discounts. Pack your bags and get ready to save!

  • Here are a few of our favourite discounts, with many more waiting for you around the world:

    • 30% off at the London, York and Edinburgh Dungeons 
    • 15% off BritBound Job Starter Package, London 
    • 10% off entry to Guinness Storehouse, Dublin 
    • 25% off Greyhound Canada 
    • 10% off car rental in Argentina 
    • Discounted bike tours, San Francisco
    • Reduced price entry to Musee d’Orsay, Paris 
    • $10 off Segway tours, Los Angeles 
    • 20% off ChileXperience, Chile 
    • Discounted entry to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London and Washington 
    • Discounted entry to LEGOLAND, Berlin 
    • Global 5% discount with Education First (EF), the world leader in international education

    Heading to New Zealand as part of your trip down under? Check out some of the savings you can make with these YHA NZ Discounts.

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