Quarantine Tips For Entering Australia

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    Quarantine Matters

    Australia has relatively strict quarantine and border protection policies. It is suggested that you become familiar with quarantine regulations to avoid receiving fines, wasting money and using valuable luggage space with items that will not be permitted into the country.

    The following products are restricted and not allowed into Australia:

    • Fruit and vegetables 
    • All dairy products (unless from countries on the approved dairy list) 
    • Eggs and egg products 
    • Un-canned meat products (fresh, dried, frozen, cooked, smoked, salted or preserved) 
    • Live animals, animal products and insects 
    • Plant material including potted plants, cuttings, vines, roots, bulbs, bark, banana leaf 
    • Seeds and nuts 

    Tips to help you cruise through quarantine

    • All luggage is screened or x-rayed on arrival in Australia. Don't risk an on-the-spot fine or prosecution - declare all food, plant material and animal products (including many common souvenirs) you are carrying on your incoming passenger card. 
    • In many cases declared goods are returned to you after inspection. However, any item that presents a pest or disease risk will be withheld by Quarantine and may require treatment (at a cost) to make it safe. High-risk items will be seized and destroyed. 
    • Before heading home, make sure you clean all soil from your hiking boots, sporting equipment, camping gear, and bike tyres. These goods must be declared for inspection. 
    • Pack items for quarantine inspection together, and in easy reach. 
    • Make sure you eat or throw away all fruit, vegetables and aircraft food before you land in Australia. 
    • Remember, if your pack is full and you want to send items home, the same quarantine regulations also apply to all international mail and packages.  

    At the end of the day, quarantine is all about protecting Australia's unique environment, and agriculture and tourism industries. 

    Shopping Wisely

    Every month the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) seizes about 33,000 items of quarantine risk from international travellers. For more quarantine tips visit the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Travel Information page.

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