20% off Vivid Sydney Stays

Vivid Sydney is back and it’s dazzling, interesting and colourful – but you knew all that already. Here’s something you don’t know: we’ve got 20% off Sydney stays across all room types throughout the entire duration of Vivid Sydney.

Use Promo Code " VIVID" when booking

From Friday 25 May ‘til Saturday 16 June, Sydney and her surrounds are transformed into a veritable playground.

Interactive, colourful, cultural, shiny – all the things you kids (big or small!) love so much. Now in its 10th year, Vivid Sydney is back with a shiny vengeance, bringing a smile to the face of even the grumpiest of corporate commuters. We wrote a love letter to Vivd Sydney and all the great reasons to beeline to Sydders if you fancy reading it, but all you need to know is Luna Park is coming to play for the first time, it’s chilly out soyou’ll need a scarf and it’s just a really great thing to experience, okay? Okay good. 

Fancy 20% off your stay?

Then book your stay with YHA. We’ve got 20% off all rooms (multi-share and private) at Sydney Harbour YHA (whose rooftop view - below - of the tomfoolery is second. to. none.) Sydney Central YHA, and Railway Square YHA, if you’d rather hang around Haymarket (read: Spice Alley).

We know, enough talking. Just use the promo code VIVID to claim your 20% discount when you book online; valid Sunday to Thursday between Sunday 27 May and Friday 15 June. 

View from Sydney Harbour YHA

You'd rather a cheeky weekender?

Keen to illuminate your weekend? Sydney Harbour YHA and Railway Square YHA have three night specials that’ll do you quite nicely! Stay in the Rocks and score daily breakfast and a dinner or lunch at the iconic Australian Heritage Hotel, or crash in Haymarket and score daily breakkie. Artisanal crumpets before a day of Vivid-ing? Count me in. 

See you soon! Stay shiny, YHA Australia x 

Vivid Sydney by Destination NSW

Images: Destination NSW, Masahiro Hirano  
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