Working holidays in Australia

Planning a working holiday in Australia? There are plenty jobs suitable for backpackers in Australia including construction work, landscape gardening, retail work, hospitality roles as well as seasonal jobs, such as fruit picking, farm jobs, pruning and harvesting.
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    Hostels with backpacker job assistance

    There is one beachside YHA hostel in Sydney and one New South Wales (NSW) hostel that offer weekly rates and actively assist working holiday makers to find jobs. Learn to surf before or after work - life doesn't get much better! Or looking to extend your working holiday visa from one to two years? Why not head to Western Australia (WA) where there is loads of seasonal work available in the north and south-west.
    Working Holidays in Australia

    Australian Working Holiday Visas

    Australia is part of the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa scheme, providing opportunities for young people to holiday in Australia and supplement their travel funds through short-term employment. Learn more about how to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and which visa is right for you.
    Things you need to know - job assistance

    Tips and Advice for Working Holiday Makers

    Tips and advice on how to set up a bank account, get a tax refund and retrieve your retirement savings at the end of your working holiday visa