How to speak "Heaps Good" in rAdelaide

Just got your head around Aussie slang and keen to take it a step further? Then wrap your laughing gear around this heaps good list of lingo (language) that only an Adelaide local would know.

The first thing you need to know about the Adelaide language is that they have a sound all of their own.  Often confused for Kiwis (New Zealanders) with an English twang, the free-settler beginnings really shine through when listening to a local in A-Town.

Once you get used to the accent, why not try out a few of these localisms that will have your new friends saying "Grab your bathers and some fritz and lets go to the Malls Balls and eat a pie floater and some Fruchocs!"

Your lesson

Heaps Good

It's good, but better.  Like really good, just done the Adelaide way. Easy



You wear them when you go swimming.  That's right, bathers are swimmers, swimsuits, or you might even call them togs.

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Sometimes known as Bung Fritz, which doesnt make it sound more attractive, just makes you sound more local.  This is a tubular meat product, often served in a sandwich with tomato sauce - yum yum

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The Power

It's a passion, an obsession and a football team all turned into one.  The Power is what one of the two local national AFL football teams is lovingly known as.  Real name - Port Adelaide Football Club

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The Crows

If you guessed that this is the other of the two footbal teams and not a bird, you get a gold star!  There is a massive rivalry between the two teams and heading to a game at Adelaide Oval with either of the two teams playing is an absolute must.



Or tiny little balls of yummy joy. These fruit balls covered in chocolate are an Adelaide institution.  So much so that they've got their own mascot.  You know you want one.

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The Malls Balls

First of all, a mall in Australia is an outdoor, pedestrian only shopping strip.  Now that we've got that sorted, let us introduce you to The Malls Balls.  A meeting place, a work of art, a crazy mirror, two massive silver balls stacked upon each other located in the middle of Rundle Mall.  Go there - grab a photo - tag it #YHAOz

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Pie Floater

At the end of a late night of dancing (we'll get to that later), what could be better than a meat pie, floating in pea soup, smothered in tomato sauce?

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It's Dance not Dance

Locals pronounce it DAHNCE or DARNCE, but not DANCE.  Get it? Got it? Good?

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