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    This is wonderful homely place to stay. Excellent value :)
    Robyn August 2016
    Noisy - every footstep can be heard throughout the wooden building. All plumbing runs through walls of dorms. I was moved 3 times in two weeks. No indoor dining area all outside - cold at night. Kitchen and dorms have a cockroach problem. Shower screens kept falling off. Power points in bathroom kept pulling out. Beds are old and creaky. No bedside lights. Room 3 has one power board to run fan, heater and any other electrical device for a share room of 4. 2 lockers in room 3 are blocked by bunk ladder. Window in room 3 opens onto lounge area very noisy. Room 10 has a fire exit door that anyone staying in the other upstairs rooms can use to gain entry to room 10 - no security. No window in room 10 only a glass door with no security screen.
    Ellie L August 2016
    Bellingen was such a cool , chill place. nearby Dorrigo for awesome rainforest walks. This hostel was one of the best we've stayed in in Aus, chilled friendly staff, clean, comfortable rooms etc etc. Nothing bad to say about this place. - also, amazing views!!
    Andy C August 2016
    I had the most awesome stay at this small and homey hostel! Everyone was realy nice and welcoming. I was supposed to stay for one night but decided to stay for 5. Loved it.
    Laura G August 2016
    I've stayed in a lot of hostels up the East Coast and around Australia and enjoyed almost all of them but The Bello Backpackers, or Belfry Guesthouse as it is now known, is without doubt the best of the bunch. Mixing second to none views (looking out from the bottom verandah over endless trees to a mountain topped treat is bettered only by that from the other verandah above), clean, comfy and cared for rooms and facilities, and warm, friendly, charactered staff and woofers, the overall atmosphere is that of a happy home away from home. It is of course a hostel/guesthouse rather than a five-star hotel so there are slight imperfections to be found, such as a forever falling off shower tap, and one of the light switches is ever so slightly tough to switch, but if you can find anywhere in Australia with any less minor flaws, then let me know. In all honesty, it is things such as that, that make it all the better than one of those spotless, but lifeless places to stay. It's size and capacity creates the perfect mix of affordance of personal space to relax and opportunity to interact, while the overall calibre of guest is far superior to that found in one of the more obvious ports of call along the East Coast. Best of all (well second best behind the views afforded) it is perfectly located for everything this beautiful little town has to offer. Head down the steps and you're at the sublime Bellinger river (well worth canoeing, kayaking, swimming, whatevering), head out and you're 20 seconds away from the fine and fancy Bellingen Brewing Co brewery offering craft beers, fine wines (including biodynamic ones), and tasty toasted sandwiches, and 25 seconds away from the more traditional but equally fun Federal which does a top-notch Chicken Schnitzel and beer for $14.50 on a Monday. Beyond that, whether it's top notch coffee, award winning delis and gelato shops, golf, green grocers, or whatever else you could want, it's all pretty much within a minute. Throw in a spectacular community garden a short, enjoyable walk away, a high hike to a breathtaking lookout all over town, and quite simply the best and most beautiful swimming spots in all of Australia just a 15 minute drive away, and you really can't be anything other than wildly and warmly enthused by anything and everything this place gives you. It's Glorious!
    Adam L July 2016
    Perfect place to escape and soak up the true Bello Magic!
    Theresa R July 2016
    Great hostel and awesome staff. Rowan at the reception desk was one of the friendliest and most helpful receptionist. He always makes you feel welcomed .
    Kota B July 2016
    I stay at the Bellingen YHA everytime I come to Bellingen. The proximity to the brewery, cafe and shops is wonderful the staff are always happy and helpful and the views over the river and mountains are million dollar views,
    Jackson J July 2016
    Excellent location right in the village with close parking, large and comfortable verandah areas with fabulous distant outlook to the south. Kitchen facilities quite good though unable to ignite one of two gas stove tops. Huge fridge space & plenty of space for other food storage. Would prefer separate female & male bathrooms and a handrail on the stairway. Loved the playful gallery of photos upstairs and general Buddhist theme throughout. Much needed external painting currently being done.
    Ruth H July 2016
    warm and welcoming, a home away from home.
    Julianne I July 2016
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