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    It was good clean budget accommodation. No TV anywhere that I saw.
    Richard J June 2017
    So all good apart from the attitude of some of those working for accommodation, and, the cleaning times - they're clear but sometimes those cleaning choose to do it at other times? Wifi was superb. Really good theatre room.
    Richard A June 2017
    This was comfortable overnight stay, with a short walk to the retail precinct of town. The room was a bit musty but a fair size. I haven't hostelled for a while but was surprised at how late the office opening hours are at 9am but that was offset with a very late closing time. Perhaps the days of getting an early start are gone for travellers these days ;-)
    Stephen H June 2017
    Superb hostel! Everything you could possibly wish for, and then some! Lovely and helpful staff, a great coast line and the one-of-a-kind koala hospital.
    Alice K June 2017
    Great place to stay Close to everything you need Walking distance to club
    Cathy L June 2017
    Excellent layout of the buildings. All on one level. It would be helpful to have access to a freezer to keep frozen food or to freeze freezer bricks for the esky while travelling. Very friendly staff.
    Judy B May 2017
    I just stayed one night in this YHA - unfortunately. I didn't know that Port Macquarie is such a nice city. The room I stayed in was nice and clean (single room). You had to share the bathroom with other (I think 3) rooms. But it was more like a bathroom in an apartment, it was well equipped. It wasn't one with a lot of showers and toilets side by side. But I don't know about the bathrooms for the dorms. Moreover, the YHA offers a free transfer to the Greyhound bus stop. It isn't far (1,5 km), but if you are travelling with suitcase it's better than to walk.
    Sabrina R May 2017
    the must do list is very helpful in day tour.
    Ming Y May 2017
    Really enjoyed my stay here. Only negative was the mattress was a bit old - newer and springier would make it perfect. But still comfy and can't beat it for the value for the private room. Thanks guys!!
    Martina D May 2017
    Genuine friendly and organised. Made me feel very welcome and at ease after a big drive would have liked to stay longer!!
    Brendan M May 2017
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