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    "Fantastic experience - I just love that no matter what you're travel budget is you can experience wonderful iconic areas of Australia such as Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon staying at such safe, clean, friendly and fun environments such as the Outback Pioneer Lodge where the YHA is located in Yulara. I'll be back."
    janette t April 2016
    I stayed at the YHA from Friday to Monday and I can recommend this hostel to everybody ! I arrived on a Friday without any booking there, which I wouldn't recommend to do! But the staff tried everything possible to make it possible for me to stay there. The staff is extreme friendly and you can ask them every time for help. I was staying in a female dorm with 19 other girls, which was alright. It was quiet and very very clean, which I haven't expected. The location is also optimal, because the YHA is the only accommodation with a bar, where you can meet new friendly people and enjoy your beer after a hard day of hiking and visiting all the beautiful places in Uluru. I highly recommend everybody to stay there. For a low amount of money you get a great value, including clean rooms and friendly staff.
    Natalia S April 2016
    Accommodation was basic but convenient and good value. I appreciated being able to cook for myself. I was able to slip quietly out early to view the sunrise.
    john b April 2016
    Good location, convinient to the town centre, loved the look out place for sunrise/sunset, loved the fact that there were stoves in the kitchen area and hot water was provided, would have been better if there were more plates and bowls and cutleries Shower water was quite small, room and laundry were a bit over priced, too many flies and mosquitos around that area
    Qiu Ning L April 2016
    We loved the live-music every evening! Lovely place :) Free Resort Shuttle is a great way of travelling around in the heat.
    Steffi L March 2016
    Not the best of facilities! Stayed in much better hostels with far better facilities!
    Christopher L March 2016
    I must say the friendliness of staff is completely down to the porters they made us feel so welcomed and relaxed they explained the map of the area to us and recommened what we should do to get the most out of our short stay. They had so much patience with us asking them random questions where most people would have gotten annoyed, they are very professional and go above and above their duty. I've observed them interacting with stressed out travellers who had just arrived, and with their relaxed manner calmed everyone down and made people laugh. They are very attentive and accommodating, they are a wonderful guys who I think should be interacting with visitors more such as a tour guide I think they would be fab at this. Thank you to the friendly Donald and Nick!! The main negative I experienced was at reception, staff are pleasant but the slow moving pace at check in and check out was incredible I have never experienced that in any hostel before. I'm not sure if it is in inefficient software or system but this should be looked into especially with regards to the yha hostel. I understand that masses of tourists all come at the same time but the speed of processing was very slow. One last thanks to the lovely man doing the cultural dance for tourist at town hall, he was another friendly bloke who stood out to us for, we had a great comversation what a lovely guy!!!!!
    Marian l March 2016
    Fantastic! All reception staff are very friendly. Great service...I complained about the door to the room squeaking and with an hour it was fixed. Great location at the resort. There is a bar, bottle shop, 4 options of eating - camp kitchen, takeaway, flasher restaurant and my favourite...the cook your own BBQ with emu sausage, crocodile skewers etc and salad bar. Towels are provided at the pool and you can use all the resort facilities. The shuttle bus comes every 20 mins. It is quiet at nights except for the bands earlier in the evening. The only downside (when it's raining) is that the amenities block is detached and you do have to look out for centipedes and scorpions (but it's not like they're everywhere). Would stay there again in a heartbeat!
    Jade March 2016
    The experience here is average, especially for the price - for $200 for a double you don't even get an ensuite, but they kinda have you by the balls at Ayers Rock resort as on a budget you don't have loads of choice - your paying for the location. It's a bed to sleep in to service your visit to Uluru national park, the room was clean, the air con worked, but don't expect to be bowled over by anything. The staff were polite enough, but so unenthusiastic and bored looking - talking amongst themselves and barely looking us in the eye when checking in, and they could give you some more info on checking in about the national park, and the resort itself - I had to go back and ask for this. The pool was ok, the shared kitchen was really clean and had everything you'd want. The bar in the evening had a good atmosphere and a nice view of Uluru from the lookout. The shared toilets and showers are ok but not as clean as you would expect from a YHA, hairy wet floor in every shower, dirty toilet bowls, no soap in the dispenser. Step it up a bit Outback Pioneer, it could be so much better.
    Jade S March 2016
    Room was just what you need and the bathroom facilities were clean and plenty of them! Only niggle is lack of plugs near beds in the room
    Laura M March 2016
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