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Ayers Rock - Outback Pioneer Lodge

Ayers Rock, NT

Located in the heart of Yulara township, the Voyages Outback Pioneer Lodge has air-conditioning, a pool, restaurant, kiosk, intern...

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    Rooms are arranged that separated too far within a group of people, not enough parking space to park closer to the room that need to carry heavy lugguages around the resort area. But, overall environment is good. A lot of facilities available.
    Wan Yi Y July 2015
    This YHA is part of the budget hotel there so you share dining and other facilities. The free night time entertainment was great. Ask for a room by yourself as I did. All the Uluru accoms are positioned along the same cirular road with access to the early morning or sunset lookouts within easy walk.
    Craig C June 2015
    the room is uncomfortably small; concrete shelf may cause headbanging and injury; no Wi-Fi felxibility; inadequate power outlets in the room. Staff are friendly and helpful
    PANKAJ A June 2015
    The location, staff and overall vibe of the hostel is great. The only issue is that they are literally the only hostel at Uluru, so it is a monopoly. The food is VERY overpriced, but there is a IGA grocery store nearby with reasonable pricing. The hostel has a kitchen free to use, so I would advise going to IGA and cooking your own food. Otherwise I have no complaints and would certainly stay here again.
    Ashish U June 2015
    If you can handle the small dorm area and fellow travellers who don't organise themselves the night before their 5am start, then this place is a gem. Backpacker rate but in a resort, complete with friendly and helpful staff and a huge range of free and paid activities. only (minor) negative was not enough crockery and cutlery in the guest kitchen.
    Sherelee S June 2015
    Cramped, but great beds and great service. Would recommend again
    Andrew V May 2015
    There is no competition in the area for low cost accommodation, so unfortunately this is the only choice. It's not any more than basic and the rooms are TINY, however, I was still happy to see Uluru and make the trip here.
    Matthew S May 2015
    Great hostel! Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Rooms are clean. There are everything you need, such as the bar, BBQ, live music, TV and computers atc. Great experience to stay there.
    Weike Z May 2015
    Booked and paid for a 'double/twin room' for two night stay with wife. When walking in to room, were actually given a room with bunk beds. Returned to reception and was told that doubles were only 'Subject to availability'. In fairness, reception staff were very friendly and after a bit of faff (and several hours passing), was able to get in to a different (double) room. Wasn't a great start though, and a hot concerning that you pay in advance for something that isn't the best reserved. Aside from that, the room was clean, tidy, etc. Very youth hostel'y - painted breeze block walls, etc. There was a telly, fridge, which might be more associated with a hotel room. For the comparative price, against the other accomodation on Ayers Rock Resort, I would definitely stay again. But I'd mindful that this is definitely hostel accommodation, and you aren't guaranteed the room that you book and pay for.
    Ben G May 2015
    Here was really convenience hostel !! Here has BBQ bar buffet pizza wrap fish n chips ,live bang ! Play area and livingroom with tv and sofas ! And in the resort center has a good cafe ! You can have nice breakfast with reasonable price ! And FREE shuttle bus to airport ! Very good to stay here with excellen service
    Hui-Chun L May 2015
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