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    This is the second time I've stayed and it's a perfect base for exploring Uluru and Kata Juta. The whole Outback Pioneer site has buildings and gardens looking like a traditional outback station homestead. Very comfortable and clean. I stayed in the women's dorm both times but would love to stay in a double room next time. I intend to be back as it's an easy flight from Sydney with free shuttle to and from the airport and regular 20 min free shuttle around Yulara resort.
    Liana P April 2017
    A nice and cheap place to stay in an otherwise expensive tourist resort. The facilities were basic but adequate.
    Bernard W March 2017
    Un séjour extraordinaire! In all the places I visited, this is my Number 1, not only in Australia, but in the entire world.. The staff has been more than awesome, and I think it's the reason why I have most appreciated my trip. I especially want to note the humour and the kindness of the youngest receptionist, the Barman and the guy who dance on Usher's songs while cleaning rooms ; thanks you! (Sorry for my english, it must have some mistakes, hopefully for you, you didn't hear my french accent haha)
    Clementine D March 2017
    Super hostel. Great atmosphere with the bar and restaurant. Built over a big area so nice and quiet in the dorms at night. Viewpoint to see Uluru. Shuttle bus provided back and forth to town square however the 10 minute walk is a lovely walk across the Outback path.
    Kate B February 2017
    Overall good, too expensive. No free wifi.
    Alessandro C February 2017
    This is the only hostel option in Ayers Rock so you have no option. Overall is a good place, good beds and clean. Booking says check in time at 1pm but the real time is 3pm. Very expensive food around all the resort. no free wifi.
    Alessandro C February 2017
    We stayed with family. Best hotel ever ! we were very impressed ! staff friendly, clean hotel. restaurant a bit expensive in the hotel but we went to eat in one restaurant in the little town and it was perfect ! concert in the hotel at night time with a great singer. beautiful lookout from the hotel.
    ANNICK G February 2017
    We stayed with my parents and their friends for 2 days and booked the sunset and sunrise tour, I am using YHA everywhere in the world and I can say, this one is the best so far! Such a good organisation, beautiful hostel in the perfect place and an amazing lookout. staff friendly too. thanks and I will recommend your hostel to all my friends who travel.
    CLAIRE B February 2017
    This hostel in the outback is the best hostel I've been! Stay in the yha, good value for money and more comfortable than in tents
    Lijun W February 2017
    Considering the remote location, the price was fair as there were extremely limited budget accommodation choices. 24/7 aircon was fantastic in the rooms and communal area - rather than just a fan. Fans in the bar area are terrible though, probably would've spent more time at the bar spending $$ if they invested in some better fans. In a 4 bed room the floors were absolutely filthy. That was the main turn off. Might stay here again as the general atmosphere was alright, but definitely not in the hostel.
    Angela C February 2017
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