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Ayers Rock - Outback Pioneer Lodge

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    Overall nice but expansive.
    Marie-Josee G November 2015
    given the fact that it is in a remote area and therefore giving the opportunity to stay close to one of the strongest places in the world, one has to be grateful anyway. that the staff is extremely friendly (i mean not only the receptionists but also the cleaners!) is already a bonus; and so is the good-sized pool which is very much appreciated on a piping hot day. one thing that definitely needs improvement is cooking utensils. during the one week that i was there, two of the five frying pans lost their handles. well, that can happen; but the day after i brought the first one to the reception so they can organize it to be repaired, it had been put back on the shelf WITHOUT a handle!! using a frying pan without handle? come on, management, buying once in a while cheap frying pans should not pose a problem to the resort... from reading lots and lots of comments on the website, i already knew that there is not many muesli bowls, not many mugs etc,, so i brought my own. from the same source i knew that there is only one double power point in the four share dorms - so i brought a power board with four outlets to share with whoever would be my room mates (something i highly recommend as almost everyone has a mobile/smart phone and a camera needing to be charged - two outlets for four people is pretty likely to lead to some shortage...) if you, dear fellow traveler, do a little bit of home work by reading as many comments as you can, you can arrive prepared and able to enjoy a wonderful hostel with minor flaws.
    Evelyn Doris R November 2015
    My five day stay at Uluru was incredible. Even though the resort was apparently busy, the pool was never crowded and most of the tours I booked were relatively small groups. It was easy to get around the resort and the IGA was better stocked than I expected. I was also impressed with how clean both the rooms and the bathroom/showers were given the amount of red sand everywhere. The only downside was a lack of lockers in the 20 bed dorms. The front desk staff was nice enough to store my laptop in a safe at the front but it would have been nice to have a secure locker in my room.
    Kristen H November 2015
    Considering the cost of the resorts at Uluru in general, this place is good value for money. The staff were very kind when we showed up looking a bit rough from our camping night, and gave us some free drinks at the bar. And when we missed our shuttle to the airport they organised a porter to take us out! It would have been nice if they told us that the day-to-day times for the buses can change, but they made up for the mistake. Generally though, the staff were very helpful and answered all our questions and requests promptly. The restaurant (Bough House) was great value for a delicious 3 course dinner (don't over fill on the entrees though!). My biggest complaint would be the expensive wifi ($10 first hour, $20 for 24hours), that should really be free these days, if not very cheap. But there is 3G coverage. Also, make sure to stock up on 10L water bags or similar at the IGA or Shell servo to save some money.
    Andrew v October 2015
    very friendly and supportive staff, great mix of ages, backgrounds cultures.
    Lisa R October 2015
    I stayed 2 nights in 4 female dorm. Everywhere including bath and toilet was clean and tidy. The kitchen has enough space to cook. If you want to save money and cook by yourself, this is a good (although the price of supermarket was bit expensive.) I shared the great time with Aussie couple who stayed there. That was really unforgetable thing in my trip. The lookouts which we can see Ululu and Kata Tjuta are very close to the accommodation. The view from the place is so beautiful as other lookouts so you don't have to join the tour. Just wake up early and you'll see beautifull sunrise! I strongly recommend this place to stay while you're traveling Uluru.
    Megumi Y October 2015
    Friendly and comfortable with good washing and showering facilities - obviously not the same as a hotel but the place works well and is efficient and convenient for a short stay.
    Phillip L October 2015
    Basic but clean hostel. Good facilities and common areas. Dorms are good value but private rooms are very expensive (even without shared bathrooms). Staff (in particular reception staff) were not particularly friendly. On the second night the aircon stopped working in our 20-berth dorm which meant the room was completely unbearable. It took a number of us complaining to reception and being fobbed off with 'oh the aircon is on' by the staff before they finally (about 2 hours later) acknowledged there was an issue and brought some fans into the room. The room was about 40C, humid and given all the warnings you get about not overheating in the dessert I thought this was pretty poor service and they didn't offer to move us all to more appropriate conditions, especially the hostel wasn't fully booked and the dorm wasn't full either.
    Stephanie C October 2015
    I had planned to move to the Ayers Rock Campground but the YHA was almost the same price for a male Dorm so I continued at the YHA. It was hotter than I expected (40C) which made camping unattractive and all I could do in the afternoon was go to the pool at the YHA.(very nice)
    Robert I October 2015
    Good and clean accommodation. Staff was very helpful every time you asked them. There is a free shuttle bus to get to the supermarket.
    Andreas M October 2015
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