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Cosy hostel with a beautiful location, right at the beach. Nice common areas to relax, good kitchen (with cooking books and lots of spices free to use) and friendly atmosphere along guests and staff. I would definitely stay here again and wish I had a bit more time. Only thing I was missing was the possibility to rent a bicycle to make your way around the island, since public transit is minimal. Bikes were for rent in town, but expensive (50 dollars for one day).
Nicky H 06/02/2018
Really friendly, helpful, and organized staff! Spectacular location. Loved that I could use the facilities all day, even after I had checked out of the room!
Gloeta M 18/12/2017
It‘s a nice hostel, next to the pretty home beach. The staff is really nice and helpfull. Would go to the Manta Lodge again! The only „bad“ thing is, that the good shops and restaurants are a 25min walk away. Around the corner is a roadhouse, but the food there is not really good and unhealthy.
Sandra Z 15/12/2017
Great vibe at the hostel at a great location! Was bleak I couldn't go diving but that's the weathers fault. Will be back soon to try again!
Gareth F 26/09/2017
Pete is my favourite
Leah H 22/09/2017
This hostel is at the best location, right at the bus stop and the beach is behind it. There is a club just a short walk from the hostel where you can have beautiful fish and chips at a reasonable price. You need to buy fresh fruit and veggies and some food you need in the main land before going to this island because the supermarket is far from the hostel. We really like staying here and will come back and we recommend it to everyone. The Point Lookout is very beautiful. You can walk there, a few km, or catch the bus in front of the hostel. From Brisbane, use the Go Card to catch the train to Cleverland, which is the last stop of the train line, then get out of the train station, turn right & walk on the same side of the station, you will see the bus stop there to take you to the ferry. We bought a return ticket ($20) for the Water Taxi to go to Stradbroke island. You need to keep this ticket to come back to the main land. There is a bus which will take you to the hostel ($4.70) & please tell the driver to drop you off at Manta YHA if it is your first time to go there. The beach is just 3 minutes walk from the hostel. It's very nice staying there.
Cuc L 13/09/2017
Lovely position near the beach , great friendly helpful staff
Diana S 30/08/2017
Stayed there just for one night, because it was already fully booked for the other days. The kitchen has everything on equipment you need and was very clean for a hostel! We could find a other accomandation with the help from the receptionist, though it was last minute. Thanks a lot! Shelly you are a really good soul!
Anne W 24/08/2017
Great location and great YHA. Very, very quiet. YHA with a very, very friendly staff! They have us previse indications were to find all the animals and about the beaches and transportation and food. Thank you!
Ellen B 20/07/2017
Sensational location - away from it all with beach only 100m away. Lots to see and do, and plenty of space to chill out.
Keith L 17/07/2017

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