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    The hostel has a beautiful garden and is filled with birds! It is a real oasis within busy Hervey Bay. Great place to stay for whale watching. Hervey Bay Whale Watch picked us up at the door - as do other tours. we've stayed many times and its always delightful.
    Hadie M July 2016
    Close to harbour but far from town center
    Karima B July 2016
    Great property with gret accommodation! Special tanks to the staff helping me out with the deposit (10€ vs 10$)
    Benedikt B July 2016
    not house keeper. very small kitchen. A driver was kind men.but I arrived bus station by gruyhound when I can not to shuttle bus.
    keiko k July 2016
    Cleanliness of hostel let it down. Facilities are good and enjoyed the bar/bistro area which many hostels don't have. Yummy food!
    Chloe H July 2016
    Beautiful landscaped gardens gave this hostel a great feel.
    Monique S July 2016
    Pleasant relaxing surroundings, offering accommodation for all budgets
    marianne f July 2016
    i m not sure on day time it was nice, at night we felt a bit uncomfortable. nor sure why.
    Barbara s July 2016
    Very basic - kitchen/ common area was a disappointment and the room we stayed in had a double bunk with very little room elsewhere. We stayed elsewhere in Hervey Bay in much better accommodation for less money. If you are camping it might be an option but we didn't enjoy our stay there.
    Emma B July 2016
    Very delicious and cheap food.
    Canning L July 2016
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