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    In the 6 bed share you get a proper bed, not a bunk! The kitchen is tiny and the location is far from town (there's a shuttle) but otherwise it's an excellent stay... with a nice proper bed all to yourself.
    MICHELLE B February 2016
    Great hostel with many facilities, bar and free wifi in shares area. The only things that could be inproved are the hight of showerhead, it is fixed at a low spot and there was no cleaning of the room in our 3 day stay. Would recommend this place!
    Stephanie v February 2016
    Very nice hostel and friendly staff. Really clean. Pool and whirlpool absolutely top. The city centre is a little bit away, but the neighbourhood is really nice.
    Helena K February 2016
    On arrival a key deposite is taken and a key and a small plastized card are issued. BOTH need to be returned to get the key deposite. This is a scam as many lose the card even though they return the key they do not get their deposites back.
    George G January 2016
    Overall we had a great stay at the yha Hervey Bay, but I'm a 180 tall male and couldn't shower myself properly because the showers must be for dwarfs.
    Philipp January 2016
    Brilliant location in spacious grounds. Great well decorated self-contained rooms with bathroom/fridge/private balconies. Very nice to have all the peacocks and other bird species wandering around
    Lee H January 2016
    I broke my leg before arrive and the staff were extremely helpful doing everything they could to help me out and make my stay as easy and pain free as possible and I am extremely thankful.
    Megan D January 2016
    Very cute hostels in a little village and peacefull
    Donal D January 2016
    This is the second time I have stayed at YHA Hervey Bay. Although the facility is quite aged and in some aspects a little run down, the overall stay is wonderful.
    Angela H January 2016
    Reception staff are nice. Restaurant staff aren't overly friendly. The food is quite poor as well. Eat elsewhere if you can.
    Phillip C January 2016
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