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Surfers Paradise YHA, Main Beach Groups

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GROUP ACCOMMODATION Surfers Paradise YHA, Main Beach

The safety of our guests is very important. We have a range of safety features in the property to ensure that you and your group members will have a comfortable stay with us.


These include, but are not limited to:

- Staff available 24 hours

- Single key security for all rooms

- Keyed security gates to enter the property

- First aid qualified staff

- Rooms booked exclusively for group guests

- Centralized fire detectors and alarms

- Individual lockers in each dorm room (own padlocks required)

- Luggage/valuables store room located at reception free of charge (access from 8am-9pm)

- All beds and bedding are fully compliant with Australian Standards


If you have any questions about our policies or procedures, please contact us to find out more.



Risk assessments for Surfers Paradise YHA can be downloaded here:

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