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Magnetic Island YHA and Sustainability

At Magnetic Island YHA, we can see our sustainability efforts directly affecting our incredible local community. From planting 4,000 eucalyptus trees on-site to protect native bushland to sponsoring the Magnetic Island Koala Hospital, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future! Some of our commitments include:


YHA Sustainability - Energy

Energy Efficiency:

  • We’re powered by the sun! 30KW Photovoltaic system, a fancy word for solar panels, are installed to generate between 10-50% of our hostel’s power needs
  • Low energy LED light bulbs and air-conditioning with motion sensors mean there’s no waste of energy in empty rooms
  • Promotion of public transport as the most sustainable form of transport!
YHA Sustainability - Water

 Waste Minimisation:

  • Recycling stations in kitchens, common areas and office areas. We recycle anything from printer cartridges or our partially recycled paper, to tinnies of beer and plastic containers, and aluminium!
  • Bulk buy products help us reduce our waste by a whole bunch
  • We sell reusable bottles and reusable shopping bags, with water refill stations across the hostel
  • Swap shelves give second hand goods, clothing, food and more, new life
YHA Sustainability - Water

Water Saving:

  • Our taps and showers are 5 stars! 5 WELS stars for water efficiency that is. Our toilets? Dual flush for ultimate bathroom efficiency
  • Drought resistant planting means the garden doesn’t only look good, but does good too
YHA Sustainability - Social

Social Sustainability:

  • We’re proud to partner with education providers to offer work experience across our hostel, including onsite education programs and presentations to local students
  • Fundraising initiatives for the Save the Koala Foundation and sponsoring the Magnetic Island Nippers and AFL club

Did you Know?

Every night you spend in a hostel creates an average of 9 kilograms of carbon emissions
(Certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute).

How can you help?

Each time you book a bed online, you can choose to contribute $1 towards the Sustainable Hostel Fund.
By going green with YHA, you can help us turn our existing properties into eco-friendly hostels and be greenest hostel network in Australia.
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