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Great hostel, calm and quiet in general with a relaxed vibe. Clean and very friends staff. Only thing to consider when booking is the location, it is quite far away from the ferry and the center. If one wants to party, the bus doesn’t run that late. But very close to the stunning Horseshoe Bay.
Emma 18/03/2018
The location is great and the hostel’s building gives an incredible atmosphere. Really clean as every yha. Makes you feel in contact with the nature, perfect style to fit with the island
Irene S 14/03/2018
This hostel is incredible, I loved sleeping in a bungalow for a week. Aircon and security lockers inside the 6-share bungalow, with a power plug both next to my bed and inside the security locker! :O Cool on-site bar, this hostel was designed well. Social-ness could be improved with everyone pretty much on their phone in the common areas or doing their own thing, as with most YHAs.
Elad N 13/03/2018
It's one of the best hostels I've stayed at in Australia. The atmosphere is great and the staff was super friendly. It's not a party hostel though but you can still have a good time and just relax.
Lara 12/03/2018
A lovely place to stay, little green oasis. New, clean and friendly. On site sanctuary is a great place to visit, you will find out lots about the local wildlife. Highly recommended.
Malgorzata L 12/03/2018
I loved this hostel! It was firstly such a unique site, really cool chill area. Lovely bar staff and food. Clean and fresh Bungalow room. Lovely shower and toilet ensuite. Kitchen well equipped. Really near to the most lovely Bay on the Island- Horseshoe. Safe swimming area, shop and cafe bars there. Such a lovely vibe on the whole island. The Koala/ animal experience available at this hostel is worth every cent! Such a great place, animals clearly looked after. Highly recommend the Forts walk.
Benjamin S 09/03/2018
Bungalow Bay is a clean hostel with good facilities. The staff are friendly and offer lots of local advice. It has a chilled atmosphere which was perfect aftwr Fraser island and Whitsundays. I would recommend.
Lucy W 05/03/2018
Had a great time, the bungalows are basic but have everything you need. Showers and toilet block were clean as was the kitchen area. Food and drink at the bar area reasonably priced. Good base for exploring and seeing the wildlife of the island
Graeme M 02/03/2018
The hostel is a really nice place. Very big, like a small town. Relaxed atmosphere, love the bean bag area. Very friendly staff. Getting somewhere on the island by bus was not always easy though because there's only one bus per hour and it does not even go to the best snorkeling spots. Walking in the heat is not recommended. If I did it again, I would certainly rent a car.
A C 01/03/2018
Very pleasantly surprised with our stay, tons to do, great food and drinks perfect for island life and facilities wise, there was everything you needed. Loved the nature around us and animal/bird visitors! Pool was also very nice and location was perfect for driving / wandering around.
Gary B 27/02/2018

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