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Melbourne Metro YHA and Sustainability

Located in leafy North Melbourne, Melbourne Metro YHA is your perfect base for exploring off-the-beaten-path Melbourne. This hostel is totally committed to sustainable initiatives and practices, so you can rest easy each night knowing you’ve chosen one of the most earth-friendly accommodation options in the city.

Energy reduction

  • Solar hot water system: Enjoy your hot shower that little bit more! Our solar hot water system effectively halves our gas usage
  • Low energy and timed lighting: There is low energy lighting throughout the entire hostel and the bathrooms are fitted with sensors and timed lighting
  • Encouraging public transport: No need to burn both your cash and the environment to drive around everywhere – Melbourne has one of the best public transport networks in the country
  • Bike rentals: We encourage you to be kind to your body and the planet!

Waste minimisation

  • Keep cups for sale: Ditch single-use coffee cups and buy a swanky keep cup on-site (which will also earn you a handy discount in the café!)
  • Co-mingled recycling system: There’s one on each level – no excuses!
  • Dedicated area for unwanted items to be reused: If you don’t want something anymore, leave it with us!
  • Donating old linen: Snooze happily in your cosy sheets – one day, they’ll be keeping dogs warm at the North Melbourne Lost Dogs Home or Vision Australia
  • Composting: Some of your food scraps will be composted, producing a rich fertiliser for the on-site herb garden which all guests are welcome to use

Water conservation

  • Front-loaders: Is it laundry day? Don’t worry - all washing machines are front loading and energy efficient
  • Dual-flush toilets: All toilets are dual-flush, of course!
  • Reusable water bottles for sale: Don’t let the staff catch you bringing single-use water bottles on the premises – instead, use the filtered water fountain available and buy a nifty stainless steel water at the hostel
  • Plastic water bottle tower: You may not think your one plastic water bottle has an impact, but you’ll soon learn otherwise! Our water bottle project will tell you how

Social sustainability

  • Dinner for a donation: On Monday nights, we will cook you dinner for a gold coin donation, which goes to a different charity every week
  • Educational documentaries: After dinner, enjoy sustainable documentary night (free popcorn included!)
  • Penguin habitat restoration: We love penguins so much, you can join us on a monthly penguin habitat restoration program at St Kilda Pier
  • WGAC toilet paper: Who Gives a Crap? We do! WGAC toilet paper is used throughout the hostel – 50 per cent of the profits go towards building toilets in developing countries
  • Regular beach and street clean-ups: Leave Melbourne with that warm and fuzzy feeling you only get from doing good deeds!


If you’re looking a way to reduce your footprint as you explore bustling and vibrant Melbourne, book your stay with Melbourne Metro YHA and get involved in their sustainability projects.

Did you know?

Every night you spend in a hostel creates an average of 9 kilograms of carbon emissions
(Certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute).

How can you help?

Each time you book a bed online, you can choose to contribute $1 towards the Sustainable Hostel Fund.
By going green with YHA, you can help us turn our existing properties into eco-friendly hostels and be greenest hostel network in Australia.
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