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I had a nice stopover the people were really friendly check in was easy the location is good only thing was the two I shared with snoring very loud. And talking in sleep. pool looked good I was only there for 1 night.
Todd B 10/08/2021
Amazing service and great location with really good facilities. I enjoyed an amazing night’s sleep in a shared dorm with very chilled out, respectable, guests. Loved it.
Terri W 17/09/2020
It was dirty, poorly maintained and run. They did not follow precautions for COVID 19 and there were many breaches of simple OHS rules eg power boards, no evacuation notices etc. This was my first experience at a YHA and it would have been my last if the one at Exmouth was the same. But I am in the Exmouth YHA and it is marvellous, actually exceeded my expectations.
Caron P 09/07/2020
No free Wi-Fi, no air-con (gets hot in summer), charging point not available near every bed. But otherwise a well-run hostel.
Benjamin H 10/03/2020
The beds were comfortable and the hostel was set up with everything I needed. The only issue I had was sleeping at night due to a loud guest doing weird things at night. The staff were very friendly and did what they could to help. Would recommend.
Stephanie D 22/01/2020
Great location, easy parking in front. Shaded area to sit on benches with tables outside. Common tv area & kitchen very basic. Unclean. Old worn out & dirty furniture. Didn’t see anyone clean bathroom, kitchen, room. If you want t a basic nights sleep & super location, definitely stay. Have to pay for WiFi that sometimes works.
Reynolds N 08/01/2020
the owners are so kind they provide us the information we need. although the facilities are a bit old but the things are clean. it's a valued backpacker hostel overall
Ying W 27/12/2019
I would certainly stay here again. It has all the stuff you want from a YHA and is in a great location. Nice place to relax outdoors and near to beach. Nice coastal views and walks are a short drive away. On the down side, it is looking overdue for a renovation. The manager said that this is coming soon. You also may have to pay for wi-fi which might put some big users off; doesn't cost much if you only want to do a bit of browsing and emailing.
Phil D 30/10/2019
Great location, friendly staff and great facilities at a reasonable rate. Don’t forget to say Hi to the owner’s friendly dog Preston 😊
Karkal R 02/10/2019
I had a wonderful stay here. I had read what people had said re facilities needing some renovation, and while this may be true, for me the helpfulness of Joe the owner outweighed everything else anyway. I felt Joe went over and above to help me plan not just my time in Kalbarri but also my ongoing trip. I met lovely people there, helped by the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Wifi is available at a cost and because I didn't pay for that I did miss having wifi.
Joanna D 06/06/2019

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