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My opinion of the hostel was formed at reception with an unfriendly 'welcome'. The facilities are adequate, with pub, restaurant and pool on campus and the excellent Exmouth Diving Centre at the back. The location is excellent with the IGA and local shops just a 5 min walk away. The bus to the airport can be booked at reception and the bus stop is in the driveway. Kitchen is adequate, worn and basic with the fridge i used refusing to stay shut. Not an environmentally friendly complex.
Tanja K 01/05/2019
Good choice of hostel in Exmouth! Exmouth itself is a great gateway to Turquoise Bay and the Ningaloo Reef!! Nice pool area and good kitchen facilities! The staff are really friendly and chatty and make you feel at home - thank you so much!
Kelly Victoria K 16/03/2019
The hostel is old motel style and quite dated. However the rooms are comfortable and clean with good air conditioning. The staff were helpful and the location is good. The downsides are mostly related to the kitchen which is very poorly equipped and the gas hobs are in significant disrepair. There was also loud music on the Friday night from the bar until quite late. Overall it’s a good place to stay but could easily be significantly improved by improving the kitchen.
Joseph G 02/01/2019
Reception staff wwere veery helpful when i realised i had left an item on the coach and need to quickly contact the operator. 6-bed room was a good size but a few seats and a table would make better use of space. Individiual lockers for luggage would be good, or even just separate designated shelves. Exhaust fan in bathroom did not work. En suite b/r is good but need at least one communal toilet for dorm guests as with six in the room chances are high that b/r will be occupied.
Bob H 15/08/2018
Location is great. A mouse came into our room at night. Didn’t like the corrugated iron in room. No shelves for putting clothes on. Mattress was very good No bedside furniture
Marilyn E 26/07/2018
I liked the art on in the hostel and the pool area was pretty cool
Neil M 22/07/2018
Extremely basic, loud, the smell of hot fat and fries from the kitchen was constantly around, but cheap
Augustine B 10/07/2018
It was the worst YHA hostel I've ever been. It was very filthy and noisy. The kitchen an common areas were very dirty.
Guillem R 06/07/2018
Friendly & helpful staff. Facilities are good and well located to local attractions, shops and great cafes (5 minute walk). Convenient hotel (pub) right next door for meals if not preparing own in well equipped communal kitchen. There’s also some excellent other places to eat. I can highly recommend Whalers Retaurant ($$/$$$ but delicious and very generous meals) and Mantarays Ningaloo Resort’s Restaurant ($$$ but delicious). Main reason for my visit was a Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim. AMAZING!!!
Steve K 08/04/2018
Clean and well organised, good size double rooms and comfy bed. Quiet during the night , I had a good sleep. Clean shared bathrooms. Wifi not good and didn’t reach the rooms and would have been nice to have mini bar. Two steps from shops, cafes, post office, liquor shop and tour operators. 5 minutes from the beach and petrol station. Good size swimming pool. Bar and comunal áreas ok. Free parking very handy. Tours can be booked at reception at cheaper prices. Overal good stay.
Elaine A 05/03/2018

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