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    Reviews (376 guests have reviewed this hostel)
    Central location, good kitchen and dining area, very comfortable bed in my double room. A great place to stay
    Deb S October 2016
    Main issue was electrical fault that turned off all power except lights in the room constantly. Every 5 minutes on our last day of staying there. Really needs attention for safety reasons.
    Heather G September 2016
    A family friendly hostel with good facilities. No discomfort being an older (very mature) person amongst the crowd.
    Gerry C September 2016
    Self check in per tel. I never saw a stuff
    Elke M September 2016
    We stayed for a night at it was good. But the heater didn't work in the morning so we had to take in shower in freezing cold water. But it was good overall
    Nur Suhaili I August 2016
    Free wifi and a Tv in our double room. Bathrooms are a bit chilly but it is midwinter
    Sue D July 2016
    Best Yha I've ever stayed at
    Lincoln S July 2016
    I am a vegeterian. There was a note that said do not clean/wash fish in the kitchen, However there was a person who was actually washing/cleaning fish in the kitchen and when I said don't clean it. he said I will clean it and wash everything once I am done. That's really unacceptable. Also, the wireless connection was just as hopeless.
    Anand J June 2016
    Mainly young to very young people there. No sign of a proper manager. Had to check in by phone. Only temps available at counter. Cleaning seemed desultory.
    David L May 2016
    Double room is awesome!
    Aru C May 2016
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    376 customers have rated this hostel
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