YHA Dunsborough

Backpacker job assistance at YHA Dunsborough

Dunsborough is a seaside holiday town, with a small local population – a population which is reliant on backpackers filling positions, in particular, during summer.

Working Holiday Makers are made to feel very welcome in Dunsborough, with many becoming integral members of the community, joining sports teams and clubs.

How to Find Work in Dunsborough

YHA Dunsborough is actively involved in placing travellers in jobs.

The hostel is well known amongst local businesses as being a good source of labour and is regularly contacted by employers looking for staff. The hostel is also proactive in contacting and staying in touch with potential employers.

The hostel has a job board and will also speak with guests directly if a job comes up that is believed to suit them. If there is no work on the job board, the hostel will give backpackers a list of likely businesses to visit.

Hospitality Jobs in Dunsborough

There are plenty of hospitality jobs in restaurants and bars as well as housekeeping in local resorts. Employers call looking for hospitality workers several times a week.

WA Responsible Service of Alcohol certification can generally be completed online.

November to April are the busiest months for this type of work.

Seasonal Work in Dunsborough

There is also seasonal agricultural work in vineyards, flower farms and avocado orchards, all of which contribute towards the working holiday maker visa extension.

This includes:

  • Grape vine pruning (June-September)
  • Grape vine shoot thinning (November) and
  • Grape picking (February/March)

Backpackers may have to spend a little bit to get the right gear for these jobs, which may include:

  • Secateurs/loppers
  • Wet-weather gear
  • Steel-capped safety boots and/or rubber boots

The cost is typically $100-$200.

The vineyards often supply a lot of this equipment and then charge the workers in instalments taken from their wages. Generally, they also offer a buyback option for the equipment when the season finishes. It can also be on-sold to newly-arrived backpackers. The main reason for doing this is that equipment is easily lost or damaged if not cared for.

Some of these jobs are paid on piece rates, rather than hourly rates, which can be very lucrative for hard workers, but makes having the right gear even more essential, so as to work at maximum efficiency.

Employer Expectations

Most employers expect backpackers to be willing to commit for at least 2-3 months.

Many jobs last as long as the backpacker wants to stick around – some are handed on from one backpacker to another. 

Getting To Work

Having your own transport is a distinct advantage as much of the farming work is 15-20 kilometres out of town.

Dunsborough Job Hunting Tips

For more information, read Hostel Manager Andy’s tips to help you find work in Dunsborough.

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