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Just old timber huts with extremely thin walls. Can hear every footstep, snore, movement in the bed next door and the sound of every guest peeing overnight. We had a double room but feels like your all just in a bunk room with a curtain. Decoration and building is so poor it’s woeful. Staff were friendly and welcoming. Kitchen very clean and reasonably equipped. Bedding clean. Showers hot. Not the usual YHA standard,
Joe C 12/05/2018
The interior is friendly with bright colours. The Wi-Fi range was big and they even offered Netflix to enjoy for free in the community room. It felt like watching movies with friends in the evenings. What I especially liked was the very clean kitchen.
Franziska H 07/05/2018
I enjoyed my stay here overall, Rochelle is very friendly and sweet. It has a comfortable, homey vibe and a fantastic kitchen. It might be a bit cold in winter.
Joel A 07/05/2018
It was one of the best hostels I've ever been in Australia! Everything was in good condition, the kitchen was fully equipped and the wifi was even in the rooms very good! You can rent a bike for free and the owners are more than welcoming! Thanks for the amazing stay!
Christina W 03/05/2018
Tom & Rochelle are very friendly and helpful. I am very grateful for the lift to hostel & from hostel to bus station on day of departure. Great value for money. You will really need a car to benefit much from Esperance.
Sophia N 02/05/2018
The staff are absolutely amazing, really welcoming and help you meet the others staying there! They know the area well and can help suggest places to go and if you can’t get there will try their best to take you Travel tips: definitely go to Cape le Grand (good day trip and worth the $13 entry).
Emily P 01/05/2018
I booked online for a three night stay but was very disappointed after the first night - I had a private room but the walls were so thin I may as well have been in a dorm room. I could hear everything in the room next door, making for an unpleasant sleep. I decided to cancel the booking the next day, and was charged for the first night, despite my complaints, and was only given a partial refund for the other two nights. I'm frustrated I paid so much money for such sub-standard accommodation.
Jane K 31/03/2018
Great friendly staff and clean facilities. Sleeping in a 24-person dorm wasn’t bad at all. Curtains gave the privacy you needed. Toilet and shower facilities where clean and nice. Even got free breakfast! Would stay again!
Anna S 31/03/2018
One of the friendliest hostels I've stayed at. The new management are doing their very best to make everything as comfortable as possible. The kitchen and facilities there are excellent and a surprise help yourself basic breakfast provided . This is an old building that is gradually being updated. The location right by the beach and not far from the town is good. A comfortable place to spend a few days holiday. Lots to see in Esperance and the beaches are spectacular. Thank you all for my mini b
Barbara U 30/03/2018
Great location, friendly, welcoming and very helpful staff and has a lot of character about it. Perfect for the location.
Steve K 29/03/2018

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