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This is a great hostel and the new owners are going the extra mile to ensure guests have a great stay. Loads of communal space, excellent kitchen for self catering. No problems whatsoever with parking, showers, loos, laundry etc. Great lounge with TV. Nice quiet hostel and the new owners are committed to keeping it that way!
Sarah A 18/10/2017
I didn't really want to book into the Esperance Hostel but you can not get any rooms in Esperance for under $100, the caravan park charge $35 for a camp site with no power or tent. I only paid $36 for a single room and was pleasantly relieved when I arrived. I was greeted by name and a friendly helpful smile and was given the Wifi password, Laundry Capsule and Earplugs which I wasn't expecting. The hostel has lots of character and the bright white clean kitchen and lounge areas were very inviting. My room had clean crisp linen and I feel was an absolute bargain for the price. I have been converted to using YHA Hostels in the future. You feel really safe and feel really welcome. Thank you very much for a surprisingly nice stay!!
Alexia H 16/10/2017
Very friendly and helpful staff and the view from and position of the hostel is amazing Esperance is a beautiful place to visit would be best to have access to a car to visit the national parks and coastline
Stacey S 15/10/2017
I had a fantastic stay at the YHA, the location is perfect for anyone visiting Esperance. I stayed in a single room. The owners are very friendly and do their best to accommodate their patrons. The owners are currently renovating and what has been done looks wonderful - including new kitchen facilities. The bathrooms/showers are outside and there is one toilet inside. The rooms are not very soundproof but the bed and linen was comfortable and warm! (: the hostel is very well priced for what you get on your stay. I'd recommend and stay again.
Jade 15/10/2017
Staff is very very friendly and kindly!! Had lovely to stay there♥️
Atsu 13/10/2017
The hostel itself was great. Everything was clean and fresh. Management and staff were a pleasure to deal with. On the overall it was a very friendly and comfortable warm and welcoming atmosphere. I will stay here every time I come to Esperance and will also recommend the Esperance YHA to my friends.
Shane S 09/10/2017
The new owners are really giving the place a face lift and bringing a new lease of life to the buildings. We love the friendly approach of the staff, the relaxed atmosphere & location.
Andrew K 05/10/2017
Amazing place to stay and staff we're the best,
Ryan B 01/10/2017
Unfortunately was not worth the money, while the owners were friendly-it did not stand up to other yha locations.there seemed to be more people staying there who worked locally than travellers. No lock on the outside toilet door made it feel unsafe. Average atmosphere.
Emily M 29/09/2017
Great staff, super friendly and helpful. Comfortable rooms with heaters (cold when we stayed so this was a great help) short 15min walk to centre of town along the sea 👌
Dale J 16/08/2017

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