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7 Reasons to visit the Grampians in winter

Be brave, embrace the cold and get yourself to the Grampians for an amazing winter getaway!

Hike and bike until your heart's content

If you love exploring the great outdoors - fantastic news, it gets better in winter. Why, you may ask? With the plethora of hiking and biking trails for all fitness levels in the Grampians, there'll always be something for you to do to keep warm. Plus hitting the trails in winter means that you don’t get overheated, dehydrated and utterly exhausted as you would in the summertime. Speak to reception at Grampians Eco YHA for all the need-to-know information on the best trails.

Pinnacle Hike near Grampians Eco YHA

You'll have it all to yourself

Visitor rates to the Grampians drop dramatically throughout the winter, so if you want to experience the majesty of this region, why not do it when there’s no tourists around? You’ll most likely have the hiking trails to yourself, you won’t have other tourists in your photos of Mackenzie Falls or in the background of your selfie at Boroka Lookout and you’ll have the best spot next to the fireplace at Grampians Eco YHA. Speaking of…

Mackenzie Fals near Grampians Eco YHA

Warm up by the fireplace

One of the best parts of winter definitely is curling up by the fireplace and indulging with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and snacking on some marshmallows and chocolate. Grab a book and unwind or sit around chatting for hours on end with your friends. Grampians Eco YHA has an nifty woodfire heater in their lounge room so you’ll be toasty warm and super relaxed come night time.

Grampians Eco YHA lounge room with wood fire heater

The animals still come out to play

Once of the greatest things about the Grampians is the unique animals experiences you can have. Spot emus while walking to the pub, listen to kookaburra's sing their song while hiking and get up close and personal with the kangaroos that call the Grampians Eco YHA lawns their home. Great news - they still come out in winter, so you can get your animal fix whenever you're in the Grampians.

Kangaroos near Grampians Eco YHA

Water for days

Winter is the best time to see the gushing waterfalls and rivers that run rampant through Grampians National Park. Victoria is hit by a torrential downpour of rain every winter, filling the rivers, creeks and lakes to the brim with water. Plus, the sight of a raging waterfall or flowing river is not only breathtaking, but hella Instagrammable.

Mackenzie Fals near Grampians Eco YHA

Stunning vistas

The Grampians has some absolutely stunning vistas and the cold, wintery days only amplify the experience. Visit look out points covered in a thick layer of fog, which when it rolls away, reveals a stunning view of Grampians National Park with snow-capped mountains – it’s a magical moment not to be missed.

Boroka Lookout near Grampians Eco YHA

Save on your accommodation

Remember how we mentioned that the Grampians empties out during the winter? That’s a plus for you, because an empty town means lower rates on accommodation! A bed in a 4 share room at Grampians Eco YHA starts at only $33 per night, so with all the money you save on your accommodation, you can keep coming back to the Grampians to experience this amazing region.

If you prefer to stay in a private room, Grampians Eco YHA is running a wicked good deal over winter - they're taking a sweet $20 off their twin and double rooms from June 1 - August 31 2019. Instead of paying $90 for a room, you only pay $70 - win! Book now before they book out.

Ready to jump in the car and go?! Then book your bed at Grampians Eco YHA ASAP and have your ultimate Grampians winter adventure on a budget!

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    Halls Gap - Grampians Eco YHA
    Halls Gap - Grampians Eco YHA
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