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Watch them glow in the field of light

Extended until December 2020, Uluru’s Field of Light’s swirling and expansive light display is a soulful and transformational experience for every human lucky enough to experience it. Watch your students’ eyes dazzle, and their spirits soar.

Field of Light, Uluru

A true spectacle whose traditional Pitjantjatjara name, 'Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku', translates to 'looking at lots of beautiful lights’ – very apt, indeed. 50, 000 spindles of spherical light come to life as the moon rises and the rock silhouettes. Darkness has fallen, and seven-football-fields-worth of luminosity begins to dance.  

Our country’s spiritual heartland, Uluru is cosily nestled in the vast and powerful desert – offering a plethora of curriculum-based and life-long lessons to humans – students and teachers alike.

Field of Light, Uluru

Take your students somewhere that truly glows. Take your students to the real Australia. Stay with Alice Springs YHA.


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