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    Reviews (1780 guests have reviewed this hostel)
    I had a great time here. Perhaps not the most comfortable hostel for summer.
    Evelien February 2017
    Worst hostel we ever stayed in! The rooms, beds and bathrooms stink. And the people who stay there are very weird.
    Mara H February 2017
    Smooth and efficient. No complaints here.
    Vicki I February 2017
    It was too far out of the city unless you wanted to pay for public transport. No aircon meant the room was way too hot to sleep in without leaving the door open.
    Alexandra W February 2017
    Good location and good transport and great community area.
    Philip J February 2017
    The hostel wasn't that bad, given that we had booked it 3 days before going to Sydney. The staff were great, they were really friendly and helpful. However, I wouldn't reccomend this hostel because of some issues: First of all, the room doesn't have air conditioner, which isn't the worst thing in tge world, but it's really important to keep cool during these hot days, and helps coping with your roommate's smelly feet (which was my problem, the smell was just revolting). In addition to that, the fan is poorly located, so it doesn't reach you. Second of all, and most importanr, on the last day, I left my stuff in the luggage room, and there was a sign that said "glebe does not take any responsability in anything that gets lost" (or something like that). The thing is that when I got back, my trainers were gone. And I couldn't complain. Or do anything. So... I reccomend you not to go to this place. If you do, you will find that the staff is really friendly and there's an overall good atmosphere, but you could get robbed (so beware).
    Juan Pablo S February 2017
    Glebe was a nice part of Sydney to be in, with some nice local shops and cafes, and the light rail made it very easy to get in and out of the city.
    David B February 2017
    This hostel needs bringing up to date. The rooftop space is lovely, and the staff were helpful & friendly. Apart from that, the decor is awful, the rooms are shabby and the kitchen never looked clean. I could not use the eating area next to the kitchen, it was like being in a dungeon. The smoking area is too close to the non-smoking area. I won't be using this hostel again, which is a shame because I like Glebe.
    Vivien S February 2017
    There are two staff members that I dealt with in this hostel that are opposite sides of the spectrum of customer service. The Asian male staff at the front when I arrived in the evening was not friendly and had a preference for being helpful to young women travellers but the other staff during the day had great customer service who was always very helpful to any person. Location is a fair walk to the city if you want entertainment but there are shops nearby if you need to eat and a pub for some minor entertainment.
    Solo T February 2017
    Stayed at the hostel after a night out. The facilities and room suited us for the short stay. It was 41° and no air con in the room which was uncomfortable but overall a good place if youre needing somewhere to crash overnight.
    Kate K February 2017
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