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They have done a lot of work upgrading the bathrooms, toilets and security system and it is a big improvement. What has remained the same is the staff are always helpful and most of the guests are friendly.
Anthony D 07/12/2017
Liked the place. Clean room, male toilet a bit small and smelly, but that could be easily fixed. Public transport close by and cafes and restaurants in easy walking distance. I’d be happy to come back.
Mike B 26/11/2017
It has a nice atmosphere but the kitchens need a proper clean every day with dishes cleaned and put away.
Beryl J 25/11/2017
lt appears the permanent staff member is the female who col1ects/washes used linen and receptionists。The room was not cleaned up even a vacuum cleaner was placed on the corridor。Ⅰn room 311 the bin was not cleared for days。0n the 4th day a new bin with a Iid replaced the full open bin。 0n the fifth night the bin was gone。The door of the bathroom did not w○rk。The soIution。。it was left open and so was another dorm r○○m。Some guests did not clean up kitchen utencils after use。 With better management,the hostel can earn better reputation and more patronage。 B。M。Hsing Brisbane
Bit Mo H 21/11/2017
The hostel is fantastically located in a wonderful part of Sydney. The rooftop area is really nice with great views over the city. The room had everything we needed for our stay.
Claire A 20/11/2017
Only stayed one night but friendly atmosphere easy location
Angelo G 16/11/2017
I had plans change and could not check in until 1130 and they are there until 230am. This was so great!
Tanietta d 11/11/2017
location, location, location.
Gary M 04/11/2017
Glebe YHA is apparently, a 'work in progress' - improvements being made. Upon arrival, initially, thought the choice of Glebe YHA was a mistake - the tiny foyer is not as welcoming as the expanse of Railway Square or Harbourside YHA; and the mere thought of only 3 "uni-sex" (male) toilets and 4 showers between 15 rooms (est. 60 guests) caused dread; the state of the kitchen left much to be desired; television was not functioning (due to a guest spilling fluids into the equipment - not fault of YHA) and the free wifi is so poor that it would be less frustrating if they simply advertised NO free wifi. However, the "uni-sex toilets" and showers were cleaned regularly - thus only found the toilet seats splashed with male urine a few times - and males behaved like gentlemen in the "uni-sex" bathroom; and the lack of free wifi was an opportunity to break the Netflix addiction. On the upside - Glebe Point YHA has a nice homey ambiance and the location is great - including really nice park at bottom of the hill - complete with billionaire yachts moored in the bay and view of Sydney Harbour bridge and Anzac bridge; new food court and IGA style supermarket in Tramsheads and tram stop are an easy stroll nearby; bus stop out the front and buses are regular; great cafes nearby - including Madam Frou Frou; nice rooftop area with views (and clothes lines); area is leafy, attractive and quiet at night; and you cannot complain about the price - especially the weekly special deal - great value for money.

Manager's response:
Hi Morgan,
Thank you for your feedback into your stay I am glad you enjoyed yourself and the awesome area that is Glebe.
In relation to your feedback we are aware of issues with the wifi and have our technical people working on it to get it up to speed (pun intended) and hopefully will all be rectified shortly.
I do hope we see you again soon.
Craig Tester
Morgan M 02/11/2017
Great hostel,in a suburban area of Sydney,great city, good bus service into the city, a fab walking path to the great fish market ,and near shops and eateries,
Joanna N 30/10/2017

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