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Yamba YHA

Yamba YHA and Sustainability

At Yamba YHA, sustainability is at the core of what we do. We Participate in Earth Hour and Clean Up Australia Day each year and want to see a more sustainable future. Some of our commitments include:


YHA Sustainability - Water


  • We’re powered by the sun! Our Photovoltaic System, a fancy word for solar panels, are partially funded by the YHA Sustainable Hostels Fund to power our hostel – learn more here! (hyperlink to sustainable hostels fund)
  • LED sensor-activated lights throughout the hostel – no need for lights on in empty rooms
  • When we need power on the grid, it’s green energy certified
  • Carbon-offset work-related flights to keep our emissions low, no matter where we go
  • Free bike hire and active promotion of public transport options – the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint!
YHA Sustainability - Water

 Water Saving:

  • No plastic bottles or plastic bags on site, we only sell reusable bottles and cups, with refill stations across the hostel
  • Get educated with signage encouraging guests to take shorter showers, turn off taps while brushing teeth, report leaks to become a sustainability superstar!  
YHA Sustainability - waste

 Waste Minimisation:

  • Recycling stations in kitchens, common areas and office areas. We recycle anything from printer cartridges or our paper, to tinnies of beer and plastic.
  • Your waste feeds our worms! Organic waste powers our worm farm.


YHA Sustainability - Social

 Social Sustainability

  • We’re proud to partner with our community to provide work experience for students, and assist in raising funds for Farmers Drought Relief and local charities, schools and sporting groups
  • Member of the local Chamber of Commerce, which connects us with local businesses in Yamba to give back to our community


Did you know?

Every night you spend in a hostel creates an average of 9 kilograms of carbon emissions
(Certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute).

How can you help?

Each time you book a bed online, you can choose to contribute $1 towards the Sustainable Hostel Fund.
By going green with YHA, you can help us turn our existing properties into eco-friendly hostels and be greenest hostel network in Australia.


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