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    Hi guys, only thought would be a soap rack in the pool shower. Would make life a little easier, if it doesnt cause another issues. Cheers Ian
    Ian C August 2015
    I enjoyed my stay!
    Doug R August 2015
    Was in room with long term occupants of hostel - one snored so loud it kept the whole room up. There was food on the desk (not in the kitchen as where it should be). When I went to shower, there was a torn condom package on the floor in the shower. Gross.
    Janice W August 2015
    Very good location, if you like walking you can do the Parliament House and the War Memorial by foot but there also are buses just down the road. Very friendly and helpful staff, I wanted to change rooms after the first night and it was no problem. As it is a big hostel it can happen that there are large school groups staying, as happened when I was there, and they arrived quite late and were very loud but thats just like children are and not the hostels fault ;) Bathrooms on the third floor are o.k. but quite old, the ones on the first and second floor are really very nice! The kitchen is really big and a excellent feature is the adjoined café where you can buy a delicious breakfast if you don't want to bother doing your own.
    Nicole O August 2015
    Ideal location with efficient friendly staff. The swimming-pool and spa were therapeutic after a long cold days site seeing.
    Roseanna M August 2015
    I have a good rest in my dorm, the facility is good but I have abad experience in kitchen. The kitchen is full of dirty dishes and the worst thing happen on me is, I put bread in toaster, but after 5minutes, they disappear, is my last two pieces of bread to be my breakfast but is gone. Veru disappointed with this.
    ziao fung h August 2015
    Really enjoyed my stay at YHA Canberra. Great value and a great social atmosphere. Staff are very helpful with good knowledge of the local area.
    Leni A August 2015
    first time we stayed there in a room for 8 people we took up 6 beds mixed female and male room in our 20's. the other 2 beds slept 2 males who were quiet and respectful also. on the way back through canberra we stayed again this time in a 4 bed girls as well as a 4 bed boys room. each stay was great! VERY clean backpackers. 24 hr reception, 3 floors plus basement. bathrooms very clean and tidy. noise was minimal (we had a noisy neighbor and we let reception know who came up and spoke to the people immediately without any further concerns which was amazing). the staff were helpful with where to go for food etc which was awesome. the kitchen onsite was great fully stocked and very big. there were tables and chairs and computers for use in kitchen area. big fridge (need to pinch your nose before opening!!) also someone stole our milk >.< GRR! brand new bottle that was labelled and everything, but you get thiefs everywhere. in the rooms there i a locker big enough for a large bag or small suitcase BYO own locks obviously. towels available from reception for $2. there is sauna and spa. we didnt use it but it was a tidy area. washing machine and dryer available for $4 each (huge rip off!!) laundry powder available for $1.50 from reception. bike hire available for $20 for a whole day which is cool. there were a mix of old and young people as well as families and school groups but even though they had this mix of people it was a quiet place to stay. yes the walls are thinish but its relatively quiet. there is a pool table, lounge area with free foxtel, various vending machines, hammock outside and bbq area on the 3rd floor deck. staff were very helpful and the only issue we had was having to get our room cards redone as it said we had checked out when in fact we were there for 2 more days- WEIRD! there was car parks out the back with meters that you put coins in. very close proximity to food and canberra city center myer/david jones. the staff cleaned bathrooms at weird times like 6pm at night when people were using them - wasn't a huge deal as there was like 5 different bathrooms over all the levels but still annoying. great place and will recommend to others without concerns. until next time YHA canberra!
    Katrina D August 2015
    Fantastic stay! Great service, great staff, great facilities!
    Ian C August 2015
    This is a 5-star hotel compared to some other hostels.
    Ivan D August 2015
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