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    Too noisy at night
    Rui D February 2017
    Great hostel with a great location. Having never stayed in a hostel before I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by YHA Canberra City. I've now got a loyalty card for YHA as I carry on my travels. I would definitely recommend them.
    Beth R February 2017
    It's a really good place to stay when events like the multicultural festival is on, so much happening right outside the front door
    Mary D February 2017
    This is a very good hostel. I stay there often and will continue to do so.
    Thomas W February 2017
    Very central location, can walk everywhere, safe and comfortable. My experience was marred by two things : a very loud band in the bar under the hostel on a Thursday night (kept going until midnight), and a truly terrible breakfast in the attached cafe. Don't order the omelette!
    Rupert S February 2017
    Well maintaned hotel in the middle of town. Good facilities including DIY kitchen.
    Kevin W February 2017
    Nice place to stay. The rooms have curtains so it is nice and dark in the night and the aircon provided a good temperature to sleep. Other than that the sauna and the pool are a nice touch, although the pool is too small to really swim in and too cold to just sit in it... Overall a good hostel, would stay again.
    Cordula February 2017
    Staff was friendly and generous with information. The overall vibe good. Pluses include wifi and the on-site cafe. I wish I was staying a little longer.
    Visitor C February 2017
    The only negative was that with the room being so big with 8 people in it it doesn't really create a social atmosphere so all the people tend to ignore you.
    Kirsty C February 2017
    More expensive than an average hostel but absolutely clean, features a huge kitchen and a pool & a sauna, awesome location, great atmosphere. Only annoying thing is having to pay for the luggage storage once you're checked out - for the price you pay for a night, it could be easily included!
    H Z February 2017
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