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    Like a home,very clear and comfortable
    Chen Z September 2016
    The 10 bed dorm room seem to have somebody living there and the others just left there gear strewn about the floor on the table was just a mess and no fresh air so it stunk. Still value for money.
    Norm Y September 2016
    The cooking facilities were good and the lift has inproved from previous visits. Did not like the charged parking out the back this was stressful as we had to be out early and some tourist sites dont open till 9 or 10 am. Parking in Canberra used to be free and it would be good to know where it is still free. Staff helped with this.
    Rosaleen L September 2016
    Excellent location, you could walk to most of the tourists destination and there 's a large supermarket just around the corner. incredibly clean bathrooms and kitchen that are cleaned by staff several times a day. Spacious common area and kitchen which is.a great place to meet new friends (but it would be ok if you wanna enjoy your own company).
    Apple C September 2016
    I find this is a great place to stay in my time here i have given the Japanese students that are here for the volunteer program, i have taken them around Canberra to see the site in the short time that they are here and i also have had my kids here and they really enjoy being here as well so thanks for a great service cheers ben Barrow
    Ben B September 2016
    very efficient staff. A room with a view.
    michael B September 2016
    The YHA Canberra is located in a very central location and is good value for money. However, the safety and security of the lockers is concernings. I had my bags locked in a locker in my room while I was attending a conference. I returned to the hostel that evening only to find that my key card was deactivated. I went down to reception only to be told that I was moving rooms for the night, I was not informed of this prior, might I add. The staff had cut open my lock and moved my belongings without consultation or my permission. Although nothing was stolen, it was definitely a breach of my personal security.
    Tyla September 2016
    Overall a good hostel. Bedrooms dusty, I was wheezing from the dust (allergy) and ended up sleeping on the couch in the lounge room. Great location and convenient swipe card access. Very helpful staff.
    Joanna J September 2016
    Myself and a couple of friends went up for Darude's performance at Acadz. Was easy to get to and from, as well as being beautifully close to the shops. Special shout-out to Amelia @ reception for being the highlight of the stay. Fantastic and efficient service, whitty, classic banter, and to top it off an amazing smile!
    Connor R September 2016
    Amelia @ reception really made my experience outstanding. I'd give a 10/10 5 star rating... and not just for her service 😉
    David C September 2016
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