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    Reviews (5076 guests have reviewed this hostel)
    I liked it I really enjoyed the hotel and the room.
    Diana R August 2016
    Freindly and helfull staff price is very reasonable
    Parminder C August 2016
    Well presented, modern, clean, well located , good facilities. Would come again.
    Rainer M August 2016
    This hostel is why people should come the Canberra! Super amazing!!!
    Mariano P August 2016
    I stayed a month there while waiting for unilodge.. It was really conducive and I enjoyed my stay there. It is definitely value for money, especially for ANU students or when there's promotions
    HENG CHANG Y August 2016
    Prima hostel voor 2 dagen. Is redelijk schoon. Helaas maar 2 douches per verdieping.
    Annika H August 2016
    Not sure why bathrooms need keycard access. I was locked out of the bathrooms four times. The keycard system is terrible!!! Everything else was great!
    Darshani R August 2016
    A well-run hostel.
    Julian G August 2016
    All good highly recommended
    Xuying H August 2016
    Probably the best hostel I have been to! Everything, including the small details, is clearly provided. Staff are friendly and helpful. The hostel is kept very clean and has lots of bonus features - pool, hammocks. Car parking facilities were very helpful.
    Thali B August 2016
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    5076 customers have reated this hostel
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