Limited Accommodation Available - Private Rooms Only. Temporary closures & changes to reception hours are in place, check when booking.

Canberra City YHA Groups

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  • Group Accommodation - Canberra City YHA
    Group Accommodation - Canberra City YHA
  • Group Multi-Share Room - Canberra City YHA
    Group Multi-Share Room - Canberra City YHA
  • Private Room - Canberra City YHA
    Private Room - Canberra City YHA
  • Exclusive Groups Area - Canberra City YHA
    Exclusive Groups Area - Canberra City YHA
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Group rates from $51 per person per night

Due to the current Covid-19 emergency, and restrictions on travel, Canberra YHA is unable to take group bookings from 30 March until 30 June. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

However, if you are planning on staying after this date (OR later this year), please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your booking.

Canberra City YHA is the perfect accommodation option for your group. We are located in the centre of the city, and so can provide convenient access to all of the major attractions that Canberra has to offer.

Whether you are a school group of any age, a sports team, University group, or any other collection of people needing a great deal on accommodation, we can definitely look after you.



Canberra City YHA offers the following:

  • Key card security for all rooms, including bathrooms and group areas
  • On site caterer, providing both in house and take away meal options
  • Cooked breakfast included with all overnight stays
  • Private group wings that can be hired for exclusive use
  • Communal areas that can be used for assembling or briefings
  • On-site cafe, with full dining area
  • Scenic rooftop terrace with views of the city
  • Swimming pool
  • 24 Hour access and Reception



  • We have a dedicated Group Coordinator to help with anything your group needs
  • We take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and security of your group 
  • Staff members are available 24/7 to help with any issues or emergencies
  • All of our staff are trained and capable of handling any emergency situations that may arise.
  • Your group will be allocated separate bedrooms and you will not share any rooms with other guests that are not in your group.
  • Group leaders will be allocated separate rooms to anyone under the age of 18, unless otherwise requested.
  • We will allocate your rooms as close as possible to each other, to enable easy supervision of your group.



YHA is a not-for-profit membership organisation. Our mission is to provide opportunity for all, but especially young people, for education through travel. We have a strong commitment to sustainability with a program of environmental initiatives including solar power, water saving and recycling.

Perfect location and excellent service. Favourite place to stay in Canberra. Will be back again in the future

Narranga Public School , New South Wales 17/09/2019 02:00 PM
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