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    I really enjoyed my stay there the last 2 days. I'm sure I'll be back there again one day.
    Matthew G January 2017
    We were in Sydney to take two granddaughters to Aladdin and maybe see something of Sydney. This hostel is brilliantly located for access to theatre, trains, buses, coaches and even the power house museum. We crossed the harbour bridge on a train, we rode a ferry, we spent hours in the museum and the spaghetti bolognese from the YHA cafe was declared almost as good as Mum's. Shame about ?burnt? patch in the carpet and the lack of a remote for the tv.
    Pat B January 2017
    Good, would be nice to have more reliable internet, common room internet can be very spotty
    Mathieu P January 2017
    I arrived at 9pm and although the person at reception was nice he didn't tell me where anything was or that sheets had to be brought down at checkout he just gave me my card key and said my room number. It was pretty easy to find my room but in every other hostel they point out where the facilities are, what floor number my room is on and if anything needs to be brought down at reception. Apart from this the rooms and kitchen were very clean and comfortable.
    Sarah G January 2017
    The location is good and it's safe. I had a bed in a 6-bed dorm on the 3rd floor which was average. The mattress was a bit worn out and the air condition was directly blowing into my face (upper bed). The showers suddenly go very cold, then very hot and the bathrooms could have been cleaner.
    Kerstin S January 2017
    This time I stayed in a 4-bed dorm on the 6th floor which was much better than the 6-bed dorm on the 3rd floor which I stayed in before. What I like about the hostel is that it is close to the train station and that there are lockers in the room. What I don't like about the hostel are the bathrooms. I know there is a high turnover of people at the hostel but I still think they could be a lot cleaner. Also, when I checked in I was given linen with stains on it and when I went back to reception to change them they were very friendly and apologised, but the new linen I was given also had stains on it. It's also quite a party hostel. I don't have any problem with people wanting to have a good time but I couldn't find any quiet area anywhere to relax and read a book or have some quiet time. I guess if you want to meet people and party it's a good place to be but if you want to relax and have a good night sleep than not so much.
    Kerstin S January 2017
    Great place. Unfortunately too noisy. Kept awake until 2am by drunk people hanging out in the hallway even though there are plenty of common areas available on other floors. 2nd floor loud traffic noise.
    Deeanne F January 2017
    Very clean, easy to navigate, perfect location. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with unsympathetic staff, my key card failing to work a number of times and a theft.
    Harriet H January 2017
    The bathrooms did not look clean the whole time I stayed there but the kitchen's were. The dorms were good and the communal areas really good. I would visit again.
    Amanda P January 2017
    I booked a double bed room. However, the air con was extremely inefficient and the room was also very hot. I tried to close the blinds but didn't work. This is not the first time happening to me with Sydney central YHA. Air circulation in there sucks. I rather rent other hotel instead.
    Hok Hei Bryden L January 2017
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