• 12 Reasons Hostels are Rad

    12 Reasons Hostels are Rad

    12 Reasons Hostels are Rad

    1. Who travels sees more!

    If you love travel you will already know that hostels are a great way to experience a destination and really enjoy an authentic experience. Why travel and spend money just to tick a box?  The tourist sees what he has come to see and the backpacker actually experiences it.


    2. Personality

    Unlike boring hotels and motels that all look and feel the same, hostels come in all shapes and forms. Where else can you sleep in a tepee one night and a train carriage the next? Here are some pretty unique examples:

    3. Hostels with unique rooms (Image - Railway Square YHA, Sydney

    Railway_Rad Hostel _YHA

    4. Hostels made out of crazy things like airplanes! (Image - Jumbo Stay Hostel, Stockholm) 

    Jumbo_Rad Hostel

    5. Hostels where you can lock yourself away from it all (Image HI-Ottawa Jail) 

    Ottawa Jail_Rad Hostel6. Price 

    Obviously this is a real drawcard. You don’t have to spend a whole weeks’ pay while you are fast asleep. What a waste! Hostel’s offer many options to suit everyone’s budget, but offer top facilities and really cool social areas that are ridiculously good value.   

     7. No road is long with good company  

    Where else do you first meet a new friend in your pyjamas? Hostels are a great place to meet other travellers, and like-minded people to travel with and share new experiences. You might even meet the love of your life or at least someone to enjoy a sneaky kiss with if you’re lucky. Many great friendships have been made on the road.

    8. Staff that are actually helpful (and sometimes hot)  

    Hostel staff are often much more knowledgeable and interesting that your average hotel robot. They call you buy your first name and actually know how to smile; sometimes they are also pretty cute too. If you really want to get to know a place, the hostel staff are usually your best bet – they know all the local hangs and what is going on in town.

    And if you’re friendly they will often go out of their way to tell you of less touristy attractions that are worth seeing, and share all their favourite spots with you.

    9. Get Social  

    Hostels are also 100% social, so you will meet new friends from around the world in the kitchen, at hostel events and in your room. Since hostels attract real adventurers you will be hanging out with a international crowd from around the world with many tips and stories to share (you can also visit them in their own country the next time you travel).  It won’t be long until you’re planning your next trip with your new BBFFs (best backpacking friend forever).      

    Social Port Macquarie_YHA

    10. We all dream of faraway places, hostels can pretty much make those dreams come true (Image of the 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road )

    GOR_Rad Hostels_Shutterstock  

    11. And hostels that take you to places like this! (Image - Outback Australia

    Uluru_Rad Hostels_Tourism Australia

    12. Life is about living, hostels are all about living your life

    You will soon forget about your boss nagging in your ear. Say goodbye to routine and enjoy seeing the world, making new friends, saving money, and having fun. And don’t forget to go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.

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