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South Coast

Kick-start your south coast adventure in the vibrant uni town of Wollongong, before discovering the seafood, water sports, and kangaroos of Batemans Bay. From here it’s not far to the unspoiled beaches and marine life of Narooma.

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Batemans Bay, NSW

Batemans Bay is one of the most popular seaside towns on the NSW South Coast. The YHA hostel is situated in a camping/caravan park surrounded by trees and gardens and an easy stroll to town and beaches for backpackers.

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Wollongong, NSW

A friendly YHA hostel located right in the centre of Wollongong and great for backpackers. Close to the shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment and beaches.

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Tours & Activities There are 2 Tour Packages featuring South Coast
  • $315
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    Surf Camp - Surfing Success

    2 day Learn to Surf Weekend

    Sun, Surf and Party! Feel the adrenalin of catching your first wave and knowing that you've really arrived in Australia, travelling to a beautiful location south of Sydney with no crowds. Save $50.
  • $70
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    Sydney Attractions Pass

    Sydney Attractions Pass

    Sydney, NSW
    SAVE with this value combo ticket. Giving you entry to ALL of the top 5 Sydney attractions for an amazingly low price of $70!
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