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Customer reviews of Coolangatta YHA - Kirra Beach, Gold Coast

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Reviews (1984 guests have reviewed this hostel)
Great location for an early morning flight! Everyone was really social, and chilling/partying by the pool. My only issue was the thickness of the walls/doors. Even someone speaking in a normal talking voice in the hallway or even downstairs, could clearly be heard from my room (which was located on the side of the building away from the pool).
Katelyn B 11/12/2017
Great location, right next to Coolangatta airport and few minutes walk to the beach. Nice and easy going staff, only thing is the noise in the night from the road is a killer. I basically didn't sleep because of the noise, otherwise, great.
Miss L 11/12/2017
One of the nicer YHAs I've been in. Clean, quiet, and great location between the airport and the beach. You do get loud plane noise, but not during the night, and it's manageable with earplugs. No outlets in the rooms, but charging ports in the lockers more than make up for it. Would stay here again!
Tessa S 09/12/2017
Loved the hostel! Staff were super nice! Everything was nice and clean! Fans in the room! Can hear a little bit of noise from the traffic in the morning but to be expected :)
Laressa H 26/11/2017
Not as nice as Adelaide Central YHA. Staff not as friendly, very noisy close to highway
Timothy O 23/11/2017
I've stayed with YHA in the past yet had not been aware of this hostel in Coolangatta until I looked on Hostel world. The location (walking distance from the airport) and team made my stay enjoyable. Offering a regular shuttle service in and out of the main town centre was brilliant and enables you to explore the area! I would certainly stay again 😊👌🏾
Katrina M 20/11/2017
The staff was friendly and the location is great if you need to catch a flight early in the morning. We hardly slept all night though as there were people from the streets walking in and out during the night, shouting at each other and using the shower / bathroom facilities. It didn't make us feel very safe and we would rather stay somewhere else next time.
Theresia S 19/11/2017
Friendly n helpful staff went out of their way to help when I twisted my knee just before the airport and gave me a ride there. Clean and lovely mattress that I blissed out on.
Lan N 18/11/2017
This hostel is great as its right next to the coollangatta Airport the gateway for the Gold Coast. It has a friendly & relaxed vibe. It has always being great to go to Bilinga as its only a block over the highway. It always has friendly backbacker staff & is well run. Close to cooly shops & tweed heads if you want local events at certain times of the year i would say the Rock & Roll festival is a must see for all the old cars & music with alot of young & oldies dressing up & enjoying the festival.
Trevere H 18/11/2017
Disliked it and will not stay again; may not even consider staying in any other Australian YHA.
Michael W 12/11/2017

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