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    I've stayed at the Pt Elliott YHA a number of times, and never been disappointed!
    Stewart G December 2015
    For $120 a night to have 1 double bed, and literally nothing else, in a room that I could touch both sides at the same time is ridiculously over-priced. And such a pity for such a lovely old building in a great location.
    Mick K November 2015
    Prices for the hostel were way to inflated just for the weekend, we weren't allowed to return and leave again after a certain time and it was really strict on noise aswell. A few major problems which affected the overall stay but it was alright
    Jacob C November 2015
    Amazing staff, location and hotel. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area.
    Stratton G November 2015
    A great place to stay for families, couples or groups of friends, the location is brilliant and the facilities excellent! Can't wait to go back :)
    Amber H November 2015
    Out standing a must
    Ian g November 2015
    A lovely 100 yr old building which is close to the ocean!! Saw the sunset from our double room & kept our window open to heard the waves all night! Lovely area & hope to return for more than 1 evening! Thanks Richard & partner!!
    Henry/MJ Z November 2015
    An unexpected delight - South Australia needs more hostels of this calibre (five is not enough!).
    Malcolm W November 2015
    The best YHA I ever stayed, highly recommended!
    Sabrina Shu-chen L November 2015
    Gorgeous location, amazing building with character Great facilities and cleanliness I was very impressed .
    Simone B October 2015
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    673 customers have rated this hostel
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