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Apollo Bay Eco YHA Groups

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Apollo Bay Eco YHA is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and being a responsible community member through a mix of conservation and sustainable practices and services. Initiatives include: 


Energy/Greenhouse Gas Reduction:

  • Passive solar design with thermal storage banks throughout building
  • Solar hot water system with gas booster
  • Low energy lighting used within the hostel
  • Sensor activated lighting in common areas
  • Bathroom exhaust linked to lighting
  • Low energy electric heating
  • Computers turned off at night
  • Promotion of public transport
  • Participate in Earth Hour


Waste Minimisation:

  • Recycling stations in kitchens, common areas and office areas.
  • Recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminium and steel cans, batteries, clothing and printer cartridges.
  • All Organic kitchen waste collected and composted on site through worm farms
  • Recycle waste from grease trap
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • On-site herb garden


Water Saving Measures:

  • Rainwater tank on site used to water gardens
  • 5 star WELS rated taps and showers
  • Dual flush toilets and waterless urinal
  • Signage in bathrooms and kitchens encouraging guests to minimise water usage


What is ECO Certification?

The ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

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