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    Planned to stay only for a few nights but the rooms and the vibe of the place were so good I couldn't leave. Has the best mix of everything - can always find someone to party with but also can be very chilled and relaxed. All the staff were so friendly and having the free bikes and pool were such a plus! One of the best hostels I've stayed in and after trying out many different ones I would definitely say it's the best one in Byron.
    Kara C February 2017
    Dirty, old, noisy. Reception did less than the minimum, we had to ask him where the room was. The female toilets were not clean, but round eight am they put up a "closed for cleaning" sign. But there was no one in there cleaning. Very disappointing for a YHA.
    Hadie M February 2017
    Way too expensiv for what they offer, very over ruled and not the easy going vibe you expect in a place like Byron, many young party people guests but still quiet and a bit anonymous atmosphere in general...
    Guest February 2017
    Quiet, friendly but a great atmosphere for party also. Close to the beach and center! One of the best on 4 months of travel across of the world
    Sebastien V February 2017
    Staff were lovely. Two fans in a room of ten hot bodies in the middle of Summer did not make for a very enjoyable sleep. Would recommend a few extra fans per room! Absolutely fantastic location.
    Tiarna H February 2017
    Pros: Nice pool, short walk to most places, shuttle to bus station, friendly people on reception, good pressure in showers. Cons: Lockers too small (stayed in 5 bed that really should have had only 4 in, no room for bags), no air con, toilet seats falling off, deposit has to be paid for plates/cutlery, can be noisy in rooms around pool, common areas locked overnight (so useless for finding place to make international calls without disturbing roommates)
    Francesca A February 2017
    I stayed at this hostel for 2 and a half months and had a wonderful time. Great staff, chill music, and excellent location.
    Jacob S February 2017
    Amazing vibe and atmosphere! Location is perfect! Only matter is the bedrooms are way too hotttt! They could change the fans because they are hopeless or well why not an aircon. And second is the close the kitchen at 10pm! So ok can't even get a cool water during the night. That is annoying especially with the hot rooms. So I would sort that out. Get a 24 hr fridge some where for drinks at least. But otherwise perfect place for real! I spend the best 5 days of my holidays there! Thank you! Ariel
    Ariel A February 2017
    In general my stay was pretty good. A big shout out for the guys at the reception, they were all so friendly and helpful! The big downside was the wi-fi... horrible connection and you could only "get" it in a small section of the hostel.
    Laura M February 2017
    Good location 5 min walk from Byron beach and bars/restaurants and a Woolworths. Nice looking pool area but didn't have time to use. No air con so very uncomfortable nights sleep. Had a twin room but still had to share the bathroom, only 3 showers between a whole floor of rooms it looked like (inc dorms) so probably at least 25+ people?! Kitchen was big, lots of fridges but not the cleanest. Staff were friendly and helpful though.
    Lydia S February 2017
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