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Brisbane City YHA and Sustainability

Brisbane City YHA is committed to reducing its environmental footprint through a mix of conservation and sustainable practices and services. Initiatives include:  


YHA Sustainability - Energy

Energy/Greenhouse gas reduction:

  • Solar hot water has reduced our gas usage by over 30% since its installation!
  • Low energy and timed lighting: no need for lights on in empty rooms
  • Private rooms hold the key… for keycard activation of lighting and air-conditioning
  • Speaking of air-con, ours is controlled centrally for maximum efficiency!
  • Promote the use of public transport, the easiest way to be eco-friendly. Keen to get more active? Hire a bike or store your own for free!
  • Participate in Earth Hour
YHA Sustainability - Waste

Waste minimisation:

  • Recycling stations in kitchens, common areas and office areas to recycle anything from printer cartridges or our recycled office paper, to tinnies of beer and plastic containers
  • Dedicate sharing centre, one person unwanted goods are another person’s treasure
  • Sell refillable water bottles and fabric shopping bags, no bottled water here – fill up your water bottle at our bubblers!
  • Spice up your life with our on-site herb garden
YHA Sustainability - Water

Water Saving measures:

  • 80,000 litre on site rain water tank used to flush toilets
  • Our toilets and showers are 3 star! Well, WELS 3 stars for water efficiency
  • Signage in bathrooms encouraging guests to minimise water usage
  • Front loader washing machines, they save hundreds of litres each year!
  • Drought resistant planting in gardens


Water saving practices at this property reduced overall water consumption by over 780 kilolitres (15%) in 2014 compared to 2013.

Did you Know?

Every night you spend in a hostel creates an average of 9 kilograms of carbon emissions
(Certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute).

How can you help?

Each time you book a bed online, you can choose to contribute $1 towards the Sustainable Hostel Fund.
By going green with YHA, you can help us turn our existing properties into eco-friendly hostels and be greenest hostel network in Australia.
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