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Hobart , TAS

Hobart YHA is the most centrally located Hobart backpacker accommodation, only a a block from the city's waterfront.

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  • Hobart Backpackers Montgomery's YHA & Private Hotel - Exterior
  • Hobart Backpackers Montgomery's YHA - Twin Share Room
  • Hobart Backpackers Montgomery's YHA - Family Room
  • Hobart Backpackers Montgomery's YHA - Ensuite Bathroom
  • Hobart Backpackers Montgomery's YHA - Double Room
  • Hobart Backpackers Montgomery's YHA - Multi-Share Dorm Room
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    Perfect location. Fantastic staff that helps you with anything you need. Airport shuttle arranged from here. First floor is a bit noisy (pub downstairs) but rooms are very good. Third floor is quiet. All floor equipped with several clean bathrooms with lots of space. And for those who need it, there is free wifi too! I would highly recommend this YHA. Stayed there 3 nights (not at the same time).
    Itahisa d June 2015
    Excellent in every way. Staff is always friendly.
    Kylee E June 2015
    Stayed one week. The rooms, kitchen and bathrooms were always clean and everything worked properly. Mattresses and protectors are covered with a fitted sheet, and looked clean. The staff are very helpful and friendly. A special thank you to Kristen who with a minimum of fuss negotiated successfully with the person in charge of some loud noise taking place across the street, to have it turned down. Roommates and other guests were considerate, a reflection of the general atmosphere. Location is excellent. All round a very good stay – thank you.
    I M June 2015
    Great location to cbd area and entertainment, shopping and restaurants.
    Philip J June 2015
    Comfortable, very well located, but a very small kitchen. Need lockers in the dorms.
    Phil H June 2015
    The hostel is ideally positioned - close to everything. Some of the #darkmofo event was right outside! Hobart is such a safe and friendly town, Great food, art, market, clean harbour. Just fab.I loves the sunny sheets and ruby towels in the hostel.
    Kim F June 2015
    Overall pleasant experience and good value for money.
    Philip J May 2015
    Great service. The staff were very friendly, and very helpful and accommodating. The place is pretty conveniently located too. Would stay again for sure.
    Kate B May 2015
    Very clean but small kitchen,
    Archie B May 2015
    Fine location and great hospitality from Kirsten.
    Michael May 2015
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