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Halls Gap - Grampians Eco YHA and Sustainability

Welcome to Grampians Eco YHA, where you’ll be greeted by the resident chickens, a cosy fireplace and equally toasty hospitality! Located on the outskirts of Grampians National Park, the area is a protected nature reserve absolutely brimming with unique flora and fauna - and Grampians Eco YHA is committed to protecting the diverse ecosystem in every little way it can.


The ‘Eco’ in Grampians Eco YHA isn’t there for decoration - this hostel has earned the Eco certification for their commitment to sustainable practices. For example, their energy-saving initiatives. Grampians Eco YHA uses low energy lighting throughout the hostel, has a solar hot water system with an electrical boost and a bathroom exhaust automated on a variable speed fan. You’ll also receive free storage for your bike – and with views this incredible, you won’t want to be restrained by a car anyway.


Waste is a big no-no at Grampians Eco YHA too, which is why you’ll find dedicated recycling stations in every corner. There’s also 4 star WELS rated taps and showers and dual-flush toilets, which are flushed with water from the rainwater tank and grey-water recycling on-site. Grampians Eco YHA also believes in the afterlife - unclaimed lost property is always donated to local op shop, so it can be loved once again and contribute to a worthy cause in the meantime. Similarly, all organic kitchen waste is collected and composted on-site, and fed to the chicken and worm farms!


The hostel has also lovingly planted native gardens with drought tolerant plants to provide shelter and food for local wildlife, who are frequent visitors (look out for the friendly wallabies). But sustainability doesn’t stop with helping Mother Nature - Grampians Eco YHA prides itself on playing an active role in the community, contributing to many local wildlife protection and education initiatives.


So if you’re looking for ways to minimise your footprint during your travels, be sure to book a stay at Grampians Eco YHA, and sleep easy knowing you’re treading lightly through this breathtaking area.

Did you know?

Every night you spend in a hostel creates an average of 9 kilograms of carbon emissions
(Certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute).

How can you help?

Each time you book a bed online, you can choose to contribute $1 towards the Sustainable Hostel Fund.
By going green with YHA, you can help us turn our existing properties into eco-friendly hostels and be greenest hostel network in Australia.
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