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Kangaroo Island

Ferry to Kangaroo Island from Cape Jervis to see kangaroos, koalas, little penguins, sea-lions, black swans, and echidnas. Also explore the impressive soaring cliffs, eucalypt forests, Flinders Chase National Park, Seal Bay and the famous Remarkable Rocks. A much larger Island than expected, Kangaroo Island is 150 km long. With pristine wilderness, dense forest, wetlands, sand dunes, and gastronomic delights make it truly unique. The island is a sanctuary to the pure strain Ligurian bees, so there also is quality honey to try.

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Penneshaw , SA

Kangaroo Island YHA hostel overlooks beautiful Hog Bay in the town of Penneshaw. The hostel has a garden with sea views and is a two-minute walk to the beach and ferry.

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