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    Comfortable, homey, friendly, well located, great view.
    Mark S February 2016
    A light breakfast is included in the cost of your room. The hostel is walking distance from the ferry terminal, even with luggage, and day tours can be arranged. Sally and Bill are very friendly and helpful, and attract friendly people - the Happy Hour on Saturday night was testament to that! We had a lovely stay once again and will definitely go back.
    Liz L February 2016
    Très bonne auberge mais la cuisine était sale !!
    Pauline D January 2016
    A very quiet and friendly place to stay.
    Rob G January 2016
    Fantastic location and very friendly staff. Highly recommend!
    Jen Tuckwell K December 2015
    Generally a good hostel, the atmosphere and location were excellent and the complimentary breakfast was very welcome. Unfortunately, doing laundry was bizarrely expensive and there was slight shortage of toilets and showers unless you had a premium room (which I believe had their own - though not having stayed in one I can't be certain).
    Daniel December 2015
    I stayed at YHA during my tour on Kangaroo Island it was an amazing experience. Friendly staff, excellent location and free breakfast was exceptional.
    Ibrahim s November 2015
    The staff is extremely friendly. Our ferry back to Adelaide was at 7pm on the check out date, they were not only let us to keep the luggage at common room, still let us to hang around and using their facilities. When they went out to Kingcoste for replenishing foods and cleaning utilities, they even invited us to go together for a short visit. We do enjoy the most natural scenery and the stay in KI.
    Natalie C November 2015
    Nice and friendly staff. Beautiful view and weather.
    Malou N November 2015
    The staff have some good ideas about local attractions and it is a good spot for pickups for tours. It seems the managers are trying to make improvements but it really needs some work. My booking was mucked up andwas first told I would be in 3 different rooms over a 5 night stay, but I ended up in a room that was right alongside the kitchen and dining rooms for the whole time and with a group there, it was exceptionally noisy. There is a rec room on the neighbouring lot - but has no windows you can open making it very stuffy. On the upside - the showers are hot and the beds are comfy
    Tori B November 2015
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