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Perth and Surrounds

Perth offers a bounty of historical, natural, and unusual attractions. Visit the Perth Cultural Centre for regular performances, exhibitions, and festivals. Enjoy bushwalking through Kings Park and take a ferry to Rottnest Island where you can snorkel the reef and spot the native quokkas. Just out of the city are many amazing beaches or take the train to Fremantle, a town known for its bohemian vibe. Visit its markets for local goods and explore the old prison, before heading to the jetty for fish and chips.

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Fremantle, WA

Fremantle Prison YHA is the only hostel in WA with world heritage status - a 19th century prison that’s been converted into modern accommodation for adventurous backpackers.

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Perth, WA

The award-winning Perth City YHA offers everything you could want in backpacking accommodation: real heart, great value, safe and secure, central location and attention to detail.

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